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    Washing car over two days

    Morning, Due to time constraints I didn't manage to polish and wax all of the car yesterday. Last night we've had a small amount of rain. With the remaining panels can I just clay bar, polish and wax or should I look to shampooing these again? Cheers Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    Bodyshop/repairer in South East London

    Evening, Thanks to some complete a$$hole in a Tesco carpark I'm now needing the services of a bodyshop. Can anyone recommend a good one in the South east area? I'm near Kent/Essex. Cheers David Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    Wanted After a machine polisher

    I'm looking at cutting my teeth (and some paintwork) on some detailing. Does anyone have any DA polishers up for sale? Preferably with pads but not fussed. Cheers David Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    Lowering springs for my A4 B8.5

    Morning, Deciding to spend some time/money on the car and would like to get it lowered slightly. I'd like to maintain the OE ride comfort if possible. It's a 2012 Black edition and I'm not sure if it came with upgraded springs/shocks as standard but in any case it sits a little too high for my...
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    Wanted Swap/Wanted - 19" Le Mans for my 19" Rotors

    Evening all, Still looking for a swap for the above wheels. I like the rotors but think the car would look better with the Le Mans. Unsure on the offset of my wheels but believe they're the stock A4 Black Edition rims. 2 x Goodyear Eagle F1 Asy 5 practically brand new. 2 x Unknown tyres...
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    Boot spoiler

    Morning, I'm looking to add a rear boot spoiler to my black A4 B8.5. I've searched the forum on this topic and many of the results return old eBay links and the like. I've seen some available but it looks as though they're from Taiwan, others from Germany. Does anyone have any experience...
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    Thinking about a wheel swap

    Hello everyone, My car came with the following 19" wheels, I'm not sure what they're called or indeed their part number: I like them but I prefer the design of these ones: (nice car by the way Nitro_CR) If I were to source some of these I'm guessing they would be a straight swap? Would it...
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    Wanted Wanted - Carista OBD II dongle

    Just on the off chance anyone has one available. Cheerzls David Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    Detailing in the sun

    Morning, I'm really looking forward to getting out and giving the car a good clean but the sun is stopping me. I live on a road where the cars get no shade at all (I even checked at around 7am this morning). I've looked into getting a tent or some sort of gazebo for the car but haven't found...
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    Best cleaner for stain in the cup holders

    Hi all, What would be the best product to tackle a stain at the bottom of the cup holders? It feels like a rubber material to me? If I can buy into a product that will do other parts of the car such as the dash then that would be great. Pic attached for those who want to see something...
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    Beginner's detailing

    Hi, I'd like to give my A4 a good clean and there are a few things I think require more attention. For a start there are a few stone chips in the front bumper. I realise this will probably need a respray in time but for now is there anything I can do to make them look a little better? The...
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    MMI controller knob lag

    Hello, Recently bought an A4 B8 Black Edition and really loving the car. One thing I've come across is the amount of time it takes from me turning the control knob to select menu items on the MMI to it actually doing something on the screen. Sometimes I think it hasn't done anything so I turn...
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    New A4 Quattro S Line Black Edition owner

    Hi all, Picked up a 2012 A4 Black Edition last weekend and really enjoying it. I've only done 100 or so miles in it so far but having previously driven a Mini Cooper I'm very pleased. A few features I particularly like are the B&O system and flat-bottomed steering wheel :) The car is in good...
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    Oil change?

    Morning all, After driving home yesterday I noticed the car felt quite sluggish, it was labouring quite badly in higher gears (sort of jerking) and didn't feel as responsive. I have an issue with the car hesitating slightly before pulling but it seems to be getting worse. Anyway, I decided...
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    Quick question if I may, regarding facelift lights

    Afternoon all, A quick question regarding facelift headlights if I may. I've just wired up 7 pairs of wires and I'm a bit concerned. As you look at the passenger side light, the bulbs in order from left to right should be: - Main beam - Sidelight - Headlight - Indicator Is that right...
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    Lowering and alignment, which order?

    Hi all, I'm thinking about dropping my car on some H&R or Eibach springs. Would it be best to get the car tracked and aligned before I get it lowered? Or doesn't it matter too much? The car has had new 18" S4 alloys since. Cheers Dave
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    Headlight wiring on my A4

    I wondered if someone from the A3 scene could help me out. I've just finished installing some facelift lights to my A4 (B5) and of course need the pair of plugs plug to solder on to my existing wiring to get them to work. It seems they are like rocking horse droppings and no scrapyard near...
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    Facelift headlight wiring looms

    I wondered if someone could please help. I need to know the part number for the above. Have spent ages on Google and on here trying to find it but to no avail. When I ring Audi I tell them my reg and of course it being pre-facelift they get all confused when I tell them I'm after a facelift...
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    Wiring up facelight headlights - I think mine are different?

    I wondered if anyone would be so kind as to shed some light on this please. I've just installed some facelift lights, they look great and really help to transform the look of the car. However, I'm not sure what wires to match up: From the car, I have two plugs - PLUG 1 - Yellow /...
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    Front bumper splitter/spoiler

    In my quest to liven up the front of my B5 I'm now after a front splitter/spoiler to attach to my existing bumper (which is being resprayed). I have already added facelift lights and I'm also going to relocate the fogs into the lower part of the bumper which should improve the look of things...