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    S-tronic (7-speed) shifting deterioration?

    Now I start thinking what if my nephew tried to launch it when he drove it - as it doesn't have launch control, that would be detrimental wouldn't it.
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    S-tronic (7-speed) shifting deterioration?

    Thanks for replying, it's still about 3k miles shy of 38k miles, but I'll be sure to do the DSG service.
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    S-tronic (7-speed) shifting deterioration?

    I have a 2015 A3 Ultra COD with 7-speed S-Tronic, and lately the shifting has become slower, when applying more than moderate throttle. It feels like when driving a manual and you ease up the clutch and ease down the throttle, the shifting is prolonged, with no definite biting-point. You can...
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    Bang & Olufsen narrow stereo image

    Hi, I'm a new driver of an Audi A3 Sportback with B&O sound system - I think the audio sounds great, but it is very centered on the point selected in the speaker setup part of the MMI system. Its to the point where I think it sounds like mono audio. I like to hear stereo like its spread out, not...
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    1.4tfsi 150 COD or 2.0 tdi 150?

    I've had my 1.4 COD 150 S-tronic for a month now, and I can't get enough. It does want to start off standstill in second gear when in efficiency mode, but its not an issue unless you want to play, and then you can switch mode, work the paddles and/or use s-mode pullback. In high gears low revs...