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    bye bye google satellite overlay

    Were you charged for the update to re-enable satellite maps? I've got the extended warranty too. Would be good to get connect extended and satellite maps back.
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    Audi A3 sportback 2.0TDI 150 vs 2.0TFSI 190

    But why not test a similar car with the TFSI engine that's nearer to you so get a feel for the car? My TDI was the 170 version. It felt quicker because of the torque, but in reality the TFSI is quicker. Compared to the lower powered 150, I'd imagine they'd feel similar. You seem sold on the...
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    Audi A3 sportback 2.0TDI 150 vs 2.0TFSI 190

    I've gone from a TDI, albeit in an 8P A3, to the TFSI. I'd had diesels for years (high mileage) but my mileage reduced drastically so I went for the TFSI. I've no problem with the TDI whatsoever, but the TFSI is much more refined and a nicer car to drive IMHO. Yes, I miss the torque of the...
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    New premium brand 265bhp hot hatch for under £30k

    This is on my radar for sure. I know lots of people think it's an ugly car, but I really like it and the reviews I've seen so far are positive... Roll on November.
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    Bye Bye S3

    Looks great. Really like the colour combination.
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    Service plan offer

    In case anyone is considering buying a service plan, there's an Audi offer at the moment - 20% discount, which makes the plan just under £380 or approx £15 per month. Not too shabby.
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    Cycle carrier for S Line?

    @Jimbob76 I totally get your point and the video you showed is something that does concern me whenever I see bikes being carried, especially on the roof (yes, I know it was a boot mounted rack in the video). Having said that, imagine having a crash with the bikes IN the car and them being...
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    Cycle carrier for S Line?

    Looks good mate. I want to get the kids out somewhere nice on their bikes so need to look into this too.
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    Cycle carrier for S Line?

    Hi. Did you go for Evo or Edge Wingbacks?
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    Best priced insurance?

    Tesco came out cheapest for me, but that's for an A3 not S3. In fact, they were considerably cheaper.
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    Motor Legal Protection Insurance

    Interesting. Just had my renewal and the agent I spoke to seemed to be almost suggesting a similar thing and taking it off the insurance policy. He didn't fully explain as he couldn't get anywhere near my other quote.
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    Farewell, off to the dark side.

    Lovely. It'll be interesting to hear your thoughts on it after a few weeks of ownership.
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    Audi - Port Emdem

    Have you used the online tracker for your car? I found that to be accurate.
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    Facelift Map updating via SD card

    As I didn't have a free SD card, I used a USB stick (32Gb). I removed any files already on there and put the update on - you should have 2 folders, which are mib1 and mib2, a metainfo file and a .md5 file. Do not put them into a combined folder. Then, plug into the car.
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    Facelift Map updating via SD card

    For future info, this is also worth noting (again from Audi): "Secondly, you need to use an SD card (do not use a microSD or a miniSD card) of more than 23.1 gigabytes. This card needs to be completely empty or else the system might not recognise the files upon installation in your MMI."
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    Facelift Map updating via SD card

    Good to know I'm not the only one! Here's the info I had from Audi: "Please follow the steps bellow: 1. Use a computer to access and log in with your credentials. 2. Choose the car you want to update the map database of and fo on the “Features” tab. Once you scroll down you...
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    Facelift Map updating via SD card

    Great. Thanks. I have to say that the manual is pretty useless when choosing to update via a computer.
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    Facelift Map updating via SD card

    Hi folks. I've haven't updated my nav since I had the car so I'm downloading the full map as I type. I previously tried to do a UK map update and used a USB stick but it didn't recognise the USB - I guess this is because the stick had other files. As I say, I'm now trying to update the maps...
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    Good deal on tyres

    I knew I shouldn't have read this thread. Guess who bought tyres a few weeks ago.:hi:
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    Can someone take a pic of their spare wheel please?

    The tool kit is in the little cubby hole on the right hand side. The jack is either in a cubby hole on the left hand side behind the trim, with the tool kit or under the boot floor.