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  1. Leetaylor

    My Phantom Black S3 with some goodies...

    Thought they were Just done a price check, 4 wheels and 4 Goodyear Eagle's 225/35/19's come to arround £1850, not bad really. Just need the car now!!!! lol
  2. Leetaylor

    My Phantom Black S3 with some goodies...

    What model are the BBS's looked on a site and there are loads that lookm similar! ie, CH, RS-GT etc etc??
  3. Leetaylor

    My Phantom Black S3 with some goodies...

    Thats got to be one of the best looking S3's i've seen, justy makes me want one even more now, just need to win the lottery!! What sort of price would the wheel/tyre combo be in the UK?? any ideas?
  4. Leetaylor

    How Much Oil does the 2.0T Take?

    I Have Castrol Edge 5w30 It is (VW 504 00/507 00; MB 229.51) presume this will be OK? Lee
  5. Leetaylor

    How Much Oil does the 2.0T Take?

    Well, I get can get my oil free through my work fuel card, so got 5 ltrs of Castrol Edge worth £60 + and seeing this is what is in the car currently, I presume this is what will go back in?? I'm sure Audi would put another 25% on top of the price of the oil, so i would expect to pay somewhere...
  6. Leetaylor

    How Much Oil does the 2.0T Take?

    Hi all Due for a service soon, I will be providing my own oil to Audi when they do it, presume they let you do this providing it is sealed?? How much oil will i need?? Cheers Lee
  7. Leetaylor

    Tyre place kerbed my alloy!!!!

    Yes bet your gutted, I recently had 4 done at Selecta Tyre, had the car a year and touch wood, not a scuff yet. Told them that i'd inspected them prior, and I cleaned them so that they could see they were perfect, and said if there is one scratch on them after I will be charging them for a...
  8. Leetaylor


    Yes i have the AR-21M with a 2G Memory upgrade, mega machines, but like you say, expensive, and really are a desktop replacements more than portables!
  9. Leetaylor

    Insurance renewal

    Just for info guys, I also tried all of the above on renewal, was the cheapest, however, I was previously with MCE If you tell em you cheapest quote, they will beat it, only slightly, and with decent underwriters, mine is with NIG Just a thought
  10. Leetaylor

    Picked up my S3

    Very Nice Mo That has just made my decision regarding colours, it was between Phantom Black and Blue, defo black for me, even though I have a flat black 2.0TQ at the mo. It looks so aggressive and stealth like!!! Lee
  11. Leetaylor

    Picked up my S3

    Mo, any pics yet of the new machine?? Come to think of it, there are a few on here that have picked up new S3's recently, but don't put pics up!!! Mmmmm, have they really got one!! lol
  12. Leetaylor

    Who are you insured with?

    I just got a quote from NU Direct - Wait for it!!!!!!!!!! £1123.85 with £220 excess ROFLMAO!!! Alliance and Leicester insurance (Through Internet Banking) £219 with £100 excess ( they will beat any quote, guaranteed), so if any of you guys are with A&L, I suggest you have a look, its...
  13. Leetaylor

    Yes. Yes. Yes. Effin Marvelous!

    Stevec Any pics of the car yet, external and internal would be great! Hope your enjoying it! I'm jealous.
  14. Leetaylor

    Tyre Question - Advice Please

    Cheers for the input guys, seems the F1's are the way forward. I'll get em ordered up this weekend. Lee
  15. Leetaylor

    Tyre Question - Advice Please

    Found some Goodyear Eagle F1's, 4 for £370, is this good, and are the tryes on par with the conti's?? Presume fitting will be about £10ish per corner? Anyone?
  16. Leetaylor

    Tyre Question - Advice Please

    Hi all Its that time unfortunately, knew my tyres were getting low, however, looked at them today and they resemble a bald eagle!!! They are the original conti sports which have been spot on for grip etc in the dry and wet, however, I believe they are a tad bit expensive to replace...
  17. Leetaylor

    To Tracker or not to Tracker

    I agree with d3fy, I defo would NOT want it back if it had been stolen, after the little scrotes had ragged it. I'd only put one on it the insurers demanded, as they did with my previous M3. But the choice is yours.
  18. Leetaylor

    Servicing Advice

    Hi all That first sevice is now pretty much due, maybe looking to go away from main dealer, maybe Awesome or similar. Would it put you guys of buying a car thet had not had a main dealer service, as I suppose its only an oil change etc,???
  19. Leetaylor

    New S3 with H&R spacer kit with pics

    Hi Klauster Looks spot on that! What size are they? Are they the same size front and back? Lee
  20. Leetaylor

    Radar detectors?

    Hi I have the Ledatec LRC100 too, and an Origin B2, the jammer actually plugs straight into the B2 so no need for the LED's etc, and had the B2 for 2 yrs now, it has never false alarmed, and is accurate to the nearest 3-4 metres! Really good combo! Cheers