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    Power loss after remap

    Hi guys, I have an a6 1.9 tdi 130 that i use to commute to and fro work daily 130 mile round trip, and although found it fast enough had it remapped recently to around 165hp This evening a week or so after the remap i lost most power and had to crawl home the last 15 miles, however i just...
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    Battlefield 2 Thats me, another BF2 addict!
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    18 or 19?

    Guys, as were on this issue, i have the tdi sport with 18"rs4's, 2 things: 1- the handling is good and understandedly a little bumby due to the ultra low profile but this is low profile for me and im surprised at how "sharp" the steering is at a bit of speed, you have to be more accurate dont...
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    Battlefield 2...

    Hey all, im new to your forums and this is an old topic but im a BF2 player in a clan called eXiege, check us out @ We have our own server ip- you can add me to youre x-fire: aowsmcmanus cheers
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    what chip/tuning box for 1.9tdi 130

    Hi all, im new here so a hello to you all, i have recently bought my first audi, a A6 1.9 tdi sport 2001, now the bottom end torque is great but dies off midrange and top end a bit, i have found many types of "boxes" and remaps but what do you recomend as serious options for me, Thanks for any...