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    Used Allroad Opinions

    hmm, be very wary of suspension on these, a friend of mine bought one and had no end of problems with it, cost him a fortune. If you buy make sure you investigate it's history thoroughly. If it has had lots of suspension work that is a significant plus point! I would be asking to see it though...
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    Potential Purchase

    Oh right, awesome thanks for the reply. I looked at a 3.2 Quattro A4 before biting the bullet and going all V8, and the sales guy said it had a multitronic box in it. I ran away!!!
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    Potential Purchase

    Afternoon ladies and gents :) I was after a bit of advice. I currently have a B6 S4 Avant Tiptronic, and am considering replacing with An A6 3.0 TDI Avant Le Mans Tiptronic. I was wondering though, does the 3.0 TDI come with the Multitronic or Tiptronic box? I am trying to stay away from...
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    Alarm Going off

    Funny you should mention door switches. The taigate is sometimes bad to close, maybe something going on there. Seems strange that if this light was off indicating the alarm is not armed, that it should go off anyway. However I will definately get the codes read. I was going to do this anyway but...
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    Alarm Going off

    Hey folks My S4 seems to have decided upon itself to set the alarm off for no apparant reason. It has happened three times through the night and eventually I locked it with the Key to prevent this from happening again. This seemed to work. I noticed too that the LED on the drivers door...
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    Trashed S8

    WOW, you wont need heaters inside that anyway!!!!!:hubbahubba: the lupo i mean
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    Audi A4 Pressure plate disintegrated

    Great advice on the letter. I am not disputing the fact that indeed you ar a careful driver, but I work for a Dealer (Nissan) and as part of my job have to fight clutch cases alll the time, with warranty, and with customers. When the Dealer diagnosed your problem did they give any indication...
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    S4 Anti Roll Bar Knock

    just found this thread, and its exactly what mine is doing. maybe it could be the Track rod end, although all seems tight and free of movement. any ideas? thanks :)
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    What is that slight knocking noise!?

    sorry to revive an old thread but this is exactly what mine is doing, although mine is an 2004 S4, I thought it was ARB links etc, as i had been told that these were prone to knocking. However this is just identical to what my car is doing? There doesnt seem to be any play in the TRE though...
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    What tyres???

    I have Pirelli Pzero Rossos, get between 9-11K on them, (235/40/18s). fair for a quattro id say.
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    S4 Anti Roll Bar Knock

    thats just the thing though, Ive had a look and none of them appear to be perished or worn. had the car up in the air and there is no movement in any of the bushes. admittedly it will behave differently when the weight of the car is on the suspension, but i even listened to the joints with a...
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    S4 Anti Roll Bar Knock

    Hi Guys I have a slight knock comming from what i think is the Anti roll bar links on my 2003 S4. I have tried to research this and I believe it to be a fairly common thing. It only does it on full lock, and only from time to time. there is no play in any of the bushes though Has anyone...
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    that looks awsome, although I would hate to work on the engine for any length of time! :)
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    Recommend me some wheels...

    I tried to save a picture of what an A6 avant would look like on a set of 19s this is what i ended up with someone stole them:sadlike:
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    washed the car

    and the poor pedestrians out for a nice walk!!:salute:
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    Knocking on full lock

    Got a small knock when on full Right Hand lock on my 2003 s4, thought maybe it was a CV joint, but the boot isnt split, Not had it up in the air yet, but just wondered if there was anything prone to go, like suspension bushes etc etc. thanks guys Stuart
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    Silver A8

    ****** hell. thats erm, different.
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    Slight Knock

    Does it do it at any other times, such as full lock, going over potholes in the road, or speedbumps/rough terrain? The fact that it happens when u brake suggests that it could be movement in a bush whether this be suspension or maybe an engine mount.
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    S4 Tappets

    Yeah Im not going to keep it on them. Seems way to long to me, but I suppose if it was ever going to be an issue, Audi would not have the intervals set in such a way. Oh well, as mines out of warranty i guess thats that. It makes me cringe when i start it in the morning. And you say that...
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    S4 Tappets

    Hiya guys My S4 occasionally at startup from cold. gives a small amount of tappet rattle for a second or two. Anyone else come accross this with theirs? Its a 2003 4.2 V8. Was thinking of dropping the oil, and using engine flush, although the car is on long life 20K service intervals, and isnt...