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  1. AS3TOM

    Looking for S3 Facelift Xenon Headlights

    i've been looking for 3months mate - still no joy!
  2. AS3TOM

    been in a crash and now thinking?

    the word to**er come to mind. drive sensible - why risk yours and the lives of others!!!!
  3. AS3TOM

    North West Audi's?

  4. AS3TOM

    North West Audi's?

    with you on that one, i need "convincing" because at the moment i dont really see the need to get it done! but on the otherhand its the wife that needs all the persuading, she's talked me out of it :search:
  5. AS3TOM

    North West Audi's?

    someone else sort it next time. only one person shows when i organise it :keule: :banghead: needs to be in about a month or so, give people time to read the thread and make themselves free for the day. a good pub with a decent size car park would be good as refreshments are a must with...
  6. AS3TOM

    My Texas styled S3 everything you've done. a lot of dedication there pal. Loads would of given up a long time ago. Love the pic of the car on the trailer an the plate "IM BACK" fantastic!!
  7. AS3TOM

    New 8L A3/S3 owners

    noticed mine straight away. hard to miss a big plastic grey thing above ya rear view mirror :nyah:
  8. AS3TOM

    Are These Ok For The S3???

    Its been 18months without a reply so try not to hold ya breath for too long :)
  9. AS3TOM

    not car problems but woman problems

    Wrong website for marital issues!
  10. AS3TOM

    Cup holders in pre-facelift 8L

    No heated seats. No cup holder. I feel robbed!!
  11. AS3TOM

    Ipod in armrest

    Misread original post
  12. AS3TOM

    Audis in the Park! Sunday 9th August 2009

    Seems like a good day out. Any others from lancs going to convoy down?
  13. AS3TOM

    North West Audi's?

    Was great to meet ya rob. And thanks for the vag check too :)
  14. AS3TOM

    new member sayin hi

    Good to see another new member :)
  15. AS3TOM

    North West Audi's?

    Sunday at 1 guys
  16. AS3TOM

    S3 Lock Strip Warning! (and mines for sale!)

    Was thinkin of changin mine to a facelift one. Dont think i'll bother now if they aren't compatible with each other
  17. AS3TOM

    North West Audi's?

    should do, even if nobody else does can have a gander at each others car! :)
  18. AS3TOM

    Found rust on your roof?

    they sprayed the back rear quaters leading into the rails on top of the roof and they also sprayed the roof too! letting you know in a few weeks...quite a while to wait that, i only waited 2 days to get the go ahead and then for the actual work to be done i had to wait about 3 or 4 weeks for...
  19. AS3TOM

    North West Audi's?

    Meet in Preston on bank holiday Monday at the Leah Gate pub around 1pm
  20. AS3TOM

    My S3 - Please take a look!

    Thanks guys!