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    Help with too many choices

    Hi I posted the below in the general detailing section and another member suggested heading on over to your forum for some advice. Hopefully self explanatory, bit for every application there is are so many products available! I've got a 2007 Imola Yellow S3 and am looking for some advice on...
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    I spotted on the Audi website tonight that you can download old brochures. I have a 2007 S3 which is quite well specced but has no cruise control. So I thought I'd look at the cost of all the options that the original owner specced: Imola yellow - £485 RNSE - £2,175 Phone prep in armrest - £385...
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    New to this and baffled by the choice!!

    Hi I've got a 2007 Imola Yellow S3 and am looking for some advice on paint protection and the alloys please. First the paint. I use a lambswool mitt and the two bucket method. I use Meguiars Ultimate Wash & Wax to clean. I then used Meguiars clay kit, followed by Autoglym super resin polish...
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    Is this the best specced 2007 S3? PS It's a lovely car if anyone's looking!

    Audi S3  T quattro Recaros, DVD Nav, TV, Sunroof for Sale - Fontain Motors » Iver » Buckinghamshire Surely there can't have been much left on the options list in 2007 that wasn't on this car??
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    Tyre wear on S3?

    Hi all, just a quick question. I got my used S3 a year and a half ago and changed all four tyres last March. I went for Goodyear F1 Asymetrics having read good things about them on here, and haven't been disappointed. I have done about 13,000 miles on them since and they are down to 3-4 mm...
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    Washer bottle filter?

    Silly question - I've got a 2007 S3 and topped up the washer bottle last night and noticed for the 1st time there is no plastic filter in the filler neck. My previous Golf and the wife's A6 both had one. Is mine missing? (I bought it used last year) Cheers Pete
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    Where should my RNSE code be?

    Hi all. I've read the manuals and done a search on here, but can't find the answer. Presumably there is an RNSE code provided to the first owner (2007 S3 by the way)? I bought it used last October from an Audi dealer and have all the manuals etc. but for the life of me I can't find the code...
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    Have Audi changed longlife oil from Castrol to Shell?

    Had my car serviced today. Had the interim £99 service as my S3 is on fixed servicing. On the invoice it said Shell Helix longlife, so I asked about this and was told Audi have changed from Castrol to Shell but the viscosity, grade etc are the same. They told me I was fine to top up with the...
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    Is there a clear coat on Imola Yellow 8P S3?

    Hi folks. I bought a used S3 last October and it had a couple of stone chips where you could see the white primer. Last weekend (when it was finally warm enough !!!) I touched up the chips with Audi touch up paint. However, I only used the colour coat. The twin pack from Audi also contains a...
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    Buckets for 8P S3 <--- N8 you're wanted!

    Are the buckets in a Mk5 Golf R32 the same as the 8P S3 buckets? If not, will they fit an 8P S3 anyway? Just looking for options other than £thousands at Audi or looking for the proverbial on ebay!
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    BBS CHs in satin black

    Is anyone on here running satin black CH's? Reason for asking is that I think they would loook the nuts on my Imola Yellow S3, but I'm concerned any chips etc. would be highlighted more with the silver alloy underneath showing through. Has this been a problem for anyone on here? Should I...
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    Is APR tuning remap any good?

    Hi all! I can't seem to find APR remaps mentioned on here anywhere. Does anyone have any experience of them and is it any good? I particularly like the idea of switching between maps using the cruise control stalk.
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    Remap and insurance questions

    Hi folks (it's spot the novice tuner time!) I bought a 2007 S3 a few months ago and am thinking of remapping it. I was pretty sure I was going to get a REVO remap until I read an article on APR. Whilst the quoted power gains are pretty much the same, the APR allows you to switch between...
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    Condensation on oil filler cap?

    Hey guys. New on here and I'm sure you've heard this question many time before, however .............. I bought a 2007 S3 last October and a couple of weeks ago needed to top up the oil. When I took the cap off I noticed a very small amount of pale brown 'sludge' on the underside (as in not...