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  1. aphill24

    Fault Code P0401 EGR

    Hi all, my mate has just read the fault code as per title, just wondering if anyone has any history of this before I take the egr off and try to clean it as a first attempt. Is there a video to it, what can I use to clean it with and how much is a new one. All advice greatly appreciated, Thanks
  2. aphill24

    Resetting the Oil Service message

    Hi, After spending quite a lot of money this time getting the car through the mot I decided to do some work myself. I have quite enjoyed the experience of getting the hands dirty again after many years of doing literally nothing myself rather than drive it to a garage and pick it back up. I...
  3. aphill24

    Oil Level not available

    Hi, I have decided to do as much as I can from now on to save costs and changed the oil & Filter today on my A4 Avant B8 2.7 tdi (V6) I have no information available when I check the level on the MMI I put in 8L as I read it tales 8.3L Do you think I can safely drive my car to warm up the engine...
  4. aphill24

    Oil From Ebay

    Hi, Would you trust this Oil to be genuine from ebay? £40 for 10L seems a very good deal
  5. aphill24

    Intake Manifold Removal for V6

    Has anyone got a link to how to remove the intake manifold Bank 1 on my audi a4 v6 tdi please. I have googled it but can't seem to find any videos. I really want to have a go of doing myself and have ordered a new kit & Motor to rebuild the worn set.
  6. aphill24

    Intake manifold flaps & motor, best place to source

    Hi, I am on to the next fault and the fitter has asked me to get a kit for the fault code: 5308 (P063800) Throttle actuator control Bank 1 Range/performance sporadic. He says it's the intake manifold flaps and motor and has asked me to get them as he an only get them from Audi and I don't want...
  7. aphill24

    Particulate Filter Fault

    It doesn't rain it pours. Yet another fault came up today as noted in the thread. I will be having the car scanned on monday but can anyone give me an Idea how much it might cost with the little information I have This is the symbol Please don't say £500 or I'm going to cry
  8. aphill24

    Failed MOT (1) Headlight Range Control

    Hi, Quite urgent as I only have a few days to try and fix the fault myself (If Possible) or pay over £500 for the garage to fix. Not a main dealer but an independent. I have had a print out of the diagnostic report: AUTOMATIC VERTICAL HEADLIGHT AIM CONTROL 1 Fault Present 496 Self Levelling...
  9. aphill24

    2.7 V6 tdi multitronic gearbox update is it necessary

    Good morning. First of all I believe my 2.7tdi 8 speed auto B8 avant is a multitronic? it is due an oil change again as I have done 40000 miles since the last time it was serviced. The garage i take the car too indicated it needed a software update when the car was serviced last summer. Two...
  10. aphill24

    Xenon headlight blown any suggestions

    Hi, My driver side headlight has gone altogether after flickering for a couple of days. I phoned my local dealer Bridgend Audi and they quoted £170 for a new xenon headlight plus fitting. They also mentioned it could be something else at fault and needed a to be checked hence they couldn't give...
  11. aphill24

    Emission Control / Engine Management Lamp

    Hi, Since early June I have had the Emission Control / Engine Management Lamp come on but it goes back off after 3 days or so. This has happened three times and the car runs fine not going into limp mode etc. I booked the car in to have it looked at but as the light went out again I phoned and...
  12. aphill24

    Noise but not sure the cause?

    Hi, My A4 Avant 2.7 multitronic has developed a noise when I pick up speed to around 35mph. I had new tyres fitted at the end of May which have now covered 2.5k. They are Michelin pilot sport 3 which I was told later are prone to being noisy ? Today I was having 2nd thoughts to the cause and...
  13. aphill24

    Vibration on start up

    Hi, my A4 Avant 2.7 tdi is vibrating very harshly on start up especially these cold frosty mornings. It is okay after a few seconds but it can't be doing the car any good with this fault. I has my son start the car so I could see the engine vibrate and wonder if anyone has any history of this...
  14. aphill24

    Central Locking fault

    Hi, I have been having problems with my central locking system for the past couple of weeks. The drivers door is not opening when all the other doors are fine. I have to lock the car and open again only that this is getting progressively worse, in that last night I had to repeat this five...
  15. aphill24

    Fuel flap not opening

    I am having problems opening my fuel flap and I have to resort to using the pull cord which is on the inside of the boot. Once I have released the flap it functions ok but next time I go to fill up I am back to square 1. It will not open by pressing the flap from the outside no matter what...
  16. aphill24

    First Time Audi Owner

    Hi All, As A ford Employee and been a Ford owner for the last 28 years I have taken ownership of an Audi A4 avant 2.7 tdi S line. It's a multitronic/tiptronic and what a lovely smooth ride. First time I have driven an automatic and I must say it feels great. It has been a mates car for the last...