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    Selling my toys

    need to sell my toys to fund next project Cheers
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    Cambelt Question

    As meantioned before I've got an S3 so dont really read much on the A6, but a friend has asked me [ QUOTE ] Can you do me a favour and post a question about when cambelt will need to be changed on the Audi A6 Avant 1.8T Quattro SE & cost. Also how often does it require a service. [/...
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    Power steering warning on DIS

    Hi, I have what i believe to be a power steering fluid warning sign come up on the DIS (it is a circle with 3 dashes around each side), i toped up the power steering fluid but it did not clear the warning, It didn't look like it needed toping up but i added a little anyway. Anyone any ideas what...
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    A6 1.8T Quattrro SE, bhp?

    I've an S3 so i dont know much about A6, My friend is buying an A6 1.8T Quattrro SE Registered 15.09.2000 is this likely to be 184 bhp model? Cheers Chris
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    Power steering fluid - where is it?

    Daft question by i can find where to top it up, I have what looks like a steering wheel come up on my DIS so i assume it needs a top up. (it got rather a hammering at the Nurburgring recently) any pointers or photos would be handy Cheers Chris
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    RNS-E problem

    I have finally got my adapters and atempted to install my RNS-E and i have come accross what i think is a problem or two. 1) when the unit is all plugged in but switched off i think i can hear a hum from the speakers. 2) when i turn the lights on or turn the ignition key on when the RNS-E is...
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    Can Bus pickup

    Any one know where i can pick up the can bus signals on my 2001 S3, other than behind the clocks (this requires some special cable crimps which i dont have) Ideally i would just like to piggy back onto a cable somewhere. Any Ideas Cheers
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    Double din in A3

    Has anyone changed the single din for a double in their A3/S3 i am looking at doing this so i can fit satnav and am trying to find a rough price for this and a replacement climate control. Any ideas... Chris
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    Concert CD in 2001 S3 - part number

    Does anybody out there have a Concert CD head unit installed in their A3/S3, i am trying to replace the standard Concert cassete player (8L0 035 186) for an Audi CD head unit. I have Spoken to 2 dealers today and they dont know what part numbers will fit, i them spoke to Audi UK and they said...
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    Concert CD headunit - S3

    Does anyone know the correct part number for a concert cd head unit that would fit a 2001 210bhp S3. I appear to have bought the wrong one. The part number on the one i bought is 8P0035186 and the seller said that it was from an A3/S3. It looks to me like the top of the stereo is wider than the...
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    APR ECU Upgrade

    Does anybody have the ECU upgrade from APR. or know anything about, any horror stories etc. Its not the price that appeals to me so much, its the ability to be able to switch programs from a button on the cruise control stalk. As...
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    Wheel spacer issues

    'Ello I Recently fitted Eibach spacers to my S3 (8mm front, 15mm rear) I now notice that i get vibrations coming through the steering wheel at 80mph and onwards. It feels like the wheels are buckled. I haven't had a chance to take them off yet an try with out them (spacers that is). Just...
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    Mirror fitting/replacement on S3

    Anyone fitted or changed their mirrors on an S3, i plan on fitting a pair of RS4 mirrors tomorrow. I have had a quick look and at a guess i have to take the door cards off to then take off what appears to be a plastic cap that covers the bolts to be able to then remove the hole mirror assembly...
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    Brakes wont bleed.....

    Has anyone got any ideas or experianced why my brakes wont bleed, i have tried pumping the peddle 30 times and opening the bleed nipple until the excess fluid escapes. i have done this many times and i still have no brakes. This only started when i tried to bleed the system as a routine...
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    Bleeding Brakes

    Has anybody got any advice on bleeding the brakes on my A3 1.8T non quattro? Cheers Chris
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    Oil Change

    Does anybody know how much engine oil i should be putting back in my 1.8T non quattro, i've just drained the engine and I can't find any info anywhere. Cheers Chris
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    Suspension adjustment

    Recently i fitted the Eibach coilovers to my 1.8T non quattro. and i have set them up as best as i can and they feel fantastic. but i would like to know if there is any way of ensuring that all corners are level and that i've got the adjustment right.
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    Coilover fitting

    I going to attempt to change my standard suspension to coilovers tomorrow. i was wondering if any of you have any horror stories about doing this or is there any special tools i need to have before i get car up on the stands. (aparts from spring compression clamps and a good socket set) Or is...
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    Passenger Window Problem

    I have a Problem with the passenger window, it does down fine but wont go up. when its down it wont go up fully with out a bit of assistance. if i just try and let it pull its self up it gets about 2 inches and automatically goes down again. I suspect it to be a motor problem, but i was...
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    TaiPan CAI fitting

    Any body here got or fitted the QuickShift induction kit i'm just in the process of doing it now (11:45 am saturday) and i'm confused about where to route the cold air feed pipe. Does it go through the same hole as the original breather pipe or do i route oout under the engine bay some how...