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  1. cliveywolves

    Noise when turning - Is it the Damned steering rack?

    Ive had and still got the same problem with mine the noise and slight vibration through the wheel, been into the dealers once already and they not sorted yet....They said to me new steering rack needed gotta book it back in on monday....
  2. cliveywolves

    Which A3 Sportback Quattro

    IMO 2.0 Tdi 170 best of the bunch love mine.....Borrowed 3.2 Quat didnt like.... i agree short range, but the Torque is something else for a 2.0 Diesel !!! also running cost are great 40mpg and cheap road tax if you get one with DPF ...
  3. cliveywolves

    S3 Sportback Insurance

    TRY ME........ clive
  4. cliveywolves

    Audi A3 Sportback Sunblind

    It is fitted to the parcel shelf has a clip that holds it down when not in use etc... Also made of fabric with a metal frame your dog would knock it down in seconds then eat it ....
  5. cliveywolves

    Looking to buy a A3 TDI

    I have got a 2007 170 Tdi as far as i know they are PD Engines are not CR Much better engine than the 140 in my opnion, also with a good remap you will get 200+ bhp and so much Torque it is crazy and the MPG is also very very good....Oh and never had my DPF light come or any problems with it...
  6. cliveywolves


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  7. cliveywolves

    insurance for fitting aftermarket rns-e and bt

    Trust me i have worked in the Insurance industry for over 15 years.. No Insurer would check if your RNS-E was retrofit or factory fitted if you needed to claim for it, by telling them you are giving them the option to refuse to cover it as it is retro fitted or ask you for more money on your...
  8. cliveywolves

    insurance for fitting aftermarket rns-e and bt

    You dont need to tell them , they would never know or check if it was retrofit rns-e or factory fit anyway....
  9. cliveywolves

    3 New tyres needed !!!!!

    maybe having a re think, been offered a px deal on some rs4 alloys what its to good to turn down i think really like the rs4 alloys...
  10. cliveywolves

    3 New tyres needed !!!!!

    was gonna put two new ones on the front as it drives from there ,, and one new on the rear with my other good tyre as there just trailing tyres and i dont drive it like lewis hamilton all the time.....
  11. cliveywolves

    3 New tyres needed !!!!!

    Oh damn......:sadlike: went in for a quick £15 puncture repair today , ended up needing 3 tyres !!:banghead: Cant repair the puncture very small tear on wall......& well i knew the 2 rears were close to being out only 2mm max on them so need to change. Kwik Fit in the end offered me 3x P P...
  12. cliveywolves

    A3 2.0 TDI 170 - great engine!

    If its an 08 it will be the PD 170, Very good engine i love mine so much Torque its great, like you say poss i little bit to much power in the wet...
  13. cliveywolves

    My new mini!! impressions

    Yep new one is Turbo Charged cant wait going to see my wifes new Cooper S tommorow, but not picking up for another few weeks yet !!!! They are great cars the new mini never had any major problems with the last two minis my wife has had.... And the residuals are just amazing my wife has a Mini...
  14. cliveywolves

    My new mini!! impressions

    Nice motor mate,,,Good Luck with the baby...! My wife has got a 2007 mini one in the same colour as yours, just waiting to pick up her new mini in about 2 weeks time,,, Mini Cooper S in Dark Silver 175bhp and 260Nm of torque should be super super quick !:yum: You say your mini has 260Nm i...
  15. cliveywolves

    Pirreli Tyres

    Hi, Sorry mate imo dont bother got them on my A3 2.0 Tdi 170 and there are pretty **** in the dry and even worse in the wet !! They are P-Zero labels !!!
  16. cliveywolves

    A3 facelift 170tdi common rail delivery dates

    Unless Audi changed there minds and didnt bother to press release it ??? I def remember my dealer saying i would not get one till about mid october time as not being built till september...
  17. cliveywolves

    A3 facelift 170tdi common rail delivery dates

    Im sure my dealer said that prod of the new 170 engines wasnt till this september ???
  18. cliveywolves

    What do A3 owners do?

    exotic dancer
  19. cliveywolves

    Loan Car New 2.0 Tdi 140

    Update the muppet dealers got it wrong turns out not to be my steering rack that was faulty it was front bearings had gone, so ended up having a new steering rack fitted for no reason but it was free so i aint moaning anyway......
  20. cliveywolves

    Loan Car New 2.0 Tdi 140

    Just took my A3 into the dealer today, had a noise coming from the front end when steering left and right only noitced it at low speeds the last week or so, turns out my steering rack was on the way out, so they fitting a new one as it under warrenty still lucky they had one in stock but still a...