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    Sportback Owner's Manual

    My Guide Audi A3 Sportback Owner's Manual English 11.2010 112.561.8PA.20 Received auto 11/2010 year
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    Black Edition

    have received congratulate and greet
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    TDI 170 PD MPG - DIS / MPG accuracy? (pessimistic)

    Check yourself on this page MPG and Cost Calculator and Tracker - Only the combustion is given in liters per 100 kilometers So far only two refueling
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    Black Edition

    we are waiting with you a little and it will :)
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    Black Edition 2.0TDI single or double exhaust? confused

    All cases resolved at the highest level :)
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    Black Edition 2.0TDI single or double exhaust? confused

    double see my car Received 26/11/2010
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    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    My car :yes: winter tyres
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    Black Edition

    Auto produced 25th and 30th of October
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    Black Edition

    I do not know he was blind did the fast 3 photos I'll try to write back to you as soon as I had the car at home
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    Black Edition

    I do not know what the exact date of manufacture to ask
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    Black Edition

    On Friday (26/11/2010) I have a car in house 3 night pics
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    Black Edition

    Tomorrow, my car will be delivered to the dealer the afternoon I'm going to settle the formalities
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    Wet Weather Tyre Recommendations

    test winter tyres germans ADAC Winter tyres 225/45 R17
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    Location of Engine number on 2.0TDI

    This sticker is in the trunk the spare tire and a book review on the first page 2.0TDI 1968 AZV/BKD 140 2.0TDI 1968 BMM 140 2.0TDI 1968 BMN 170 2.0TDI 1968 BUY 163
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    HELP: Battery for MY 2009 S3 Sportback (8P5)?

    Search Battery Search - find batteries by vehicle type - VARTA Automotive
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    Brushed Alu or Piano Black?

    only Piano Black
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    Wet Weather Tyre Recommendations

    This tire for summer I would recommend these tires that now have Hokian H Very good on the water Data according to the manufacturer of the tire pump 40 lits of water per second Riding in a big rain and high speed is no problem a little rustle in the dry Nokian H <- :racer::thumbsup: even...
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    Long drive....

    I'm going to a Polish car 1500 km 14 hours one way car VW Polo 1.4 TDi :p
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    Black Edition

    in directilne so the picture below
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    Audi A3 Waiting Listing

    Ordered 25/05/2010 :idea: Production 46 week 15-21/11/2010 :readit: Car Delivery 49 week 6-12/12/2010 :yahoo: 6 months 17 days (201 days) Long times :blink: