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  1. Coath

    Heater only blowing warm

    So , the first cold morning today so i decide to crank up the heater, it is only blowing warm air but gets hotter whilst driving at 60mph, temperature gauge reaches 90 fine. I know the thermostat housing is leaking slightly, i have the new one which will be replaced shortly would this be having...
  2. Coath

    Help to identify a noise in cab area

    I can only describe it as a bird type chirp which occurs when going over speed bumps etc, and whilst accelerating chirp noise increases From what I can tell the noise is coming from the driver’s side front near the dash area Thanks in advance
  3. Coath

    Finally got a new car

    After looking for a coupe of months i have finally found a new car What do you think ! Spent about 10 hours in total cleaning it over the weekend, which included my first clay bar attempt which I must say was pretty easy to use with really good results This was my first go at a proper...
  4. Coath

    £5500 to spend need help

    Hi everyone, first of all may i say what a great site I have been lurking in the background for a while now trying to get as much information on the A4 1.8t sline avant as i can, i quite frankly i need some help. For some reason i talked myself out of getting a Quattro version, probably...