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    B9 S4 media gapless play

    I wonder if anyone can shed some light on this. I have multiple mix albums in iTunes that will play without interruption. I have copied the source files directly to an SD card but playing in the car there is an irritating <1s gap between the tracks. Is this a problem with copying from iTunes or...
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    New audi S4 avant coming next week

    Thanks! Is the B9, was impressed with the standard spec so this one has only has the upgrade alloys, virtual cockpit, pano roof and the privacy glass added. Will get some pics up next week. A
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    New audi S4 avant coming next week

    After quite a lot of BMWs I am made a jump to the four rings. I am picking up a navarra blue S4 avant next week from Huddersfield Audi and very much looking forward to it!