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  1. trekbiker

    177bhp Quattro fuel economy?

    Hi folks, I've just bought a fully loaded Black Edition Monsoon Grey 177bhp Quattro Avant at the weekend. Having had a B6 19.tdi quattro many years ago, a 2.5 tdi also in the past and more rec ently a 143bhp B7 S line, i had thought that the economy would smash alll these out of the park. it...
  2. trekbiker

    MMI bluetooth problems- iphone??

    Hi guys I've just bought a B8 A4, with what I thought was a full media options pack. It has a phone cradle in the armrest, when i go into 'set-up', 'bluetooth options', the only options i ger are - change pincode & remove all devices. I was expecting to find one for search for new devices as...
  3. trekbiker

    3.0tdi Quattro S line- Remap??

    Hi, I'm finally back into an audi after a bit of RWD wilderness, picking up an ex company car 08 plate saloon this week. Has anyone on here mapped a 240 3.0tdi? I was going to probably use Simon at Emaps who always does a decent job with Bimmers for under £300. Warranty isn't an issue due to...
  4. trekbiker

    2.0 TFSI cambelt change??

    I'm looking at a used 2006 car with 90k, the belt has not bgeen done. I was initially alarmed, but then when i did the research, i found what the selling indy dealer had told me, ie that these do not require compulsory changing until 180000km (115,000M ). (that was from Audi themselves!) Has...
  5. trekbiker

    What to go for:- 2.7tdi S line or 3.0tdi Q S line

    Folks, i'm finally switching back to the Ingolstadt product over the Bavarian counterpart. My budget is about 12k, ive seen a couple of the above advertised in different places. Which to go for? has anyone owned both for any length of time? I'm definitely after a 6 pot after owning a 2.5...
  6. trekbiker

    Dunlop Sp3000s

    I need a pair of tyres for my 3.0 tdi. Anyone have any experience with SP 3000s? I have been offered a pair fitted for a few pennies over £200 which i thought was very reasonable! thanks in advance..
  7. trekbiker

    Tilt slide sunroof has stopped working

    On my 2004 A6 saloon. Where it used to 'click' to various opening positions, it is now 'dead'. Is replacing the switch a fairly strightforward job or a nightmare? Has anyone else tried it al all please?? Thanks Martin
  8. trekbiker

    MMI without Nav- upgrade?

    i have a 05 A6 with MMI but it doesn't have Nav installed. does anyone know if it is possible for Audi (or someone cheaper!) to retro install it onto my system? My 320d E90 i drive had nav but no BT. i raised a similar question with BMW and the answer was about £2k. naturally i declined...
  9. trekbiker

    3.0 TDI Q MMI media system

    I have just bought a 54 plate S line 3.0 TDI Q, with MMI. However, it doesn't have Nav. Is it possible to get Audi to fit/plug something in order to upgrade to Nav or is it a case of that as it didn't have it from new, its impossible to retro fit?? I had a similar issue with my BMW E90. It...
  10. trekbiker

    what offset for 18" alloys

    to go onto a B7. Is it 42?? or could i get away with 35??thanks
  11. trekbiker

    3.2 Q DSG or gti mk5

    Looking for a new(used) car within the next week or two. I've had a 3.2 manual TT before/ and driven a mk5 gti (both non and modded). Got a budget of about £13k. has anyone on here owned both of the above and got any impartial advice please? Majority of my driving is motorway, although for...
  12. trekbiker

    Picture this- if you have a good sense of humour!!

    Whilst travelling sounthbound on the M1 near J29, i spotted what appeared to be a cabrio B6 in the distance, but it had a few differences (of severe distaste!!). When i got closer, the first thing i observed was:- A huge 'whale tail' touring car rear boot spoiler Then the paintjob- the car...
  13. trekbiker

    Sat Nav problems

    I have SN + factory fitted. I think the disc is damaged(its only a copy). It keeps on repeating the disc error.I have just bought the car. i did 2 journeys where it worked fine, then it struggled calculating journeys. Now, the CD error/clean disc keeps coimng up. Does anyone have an...
  14. trekbiker

    key cutting/reprogramming

    Just picked up my 1.9 tdi Q avant tonight, awesome. i've had 2wd 1.9 and 2wd 2.5, but this seems the best- i have a feeling its been remapped. Anyways.... I have bought an uncut key from ebay. can anyone else other than Audi reprogramme and cut the key? dont fancy paying extortionate charges
  15. trekbiker

    Remap on B6 1.9 Tdi Quattro

    anyone done it, remarkable results??
  16. trekbiker

    highish mileage S4s-real value??

    I'm contemplating going for an avant, 2003 with 60k on it. It has had a new clutch & flywheel under warranty, and has AMD St III. Most of the 03/53 plate seem to be making around the 20k mark, is a fully loaded one with these mods and 20k PA mileage worth anything near the same?are there mant...
  17. trekbiker

    RS4 Avant 2006 pre-delivery Offers from ASnet users welcome, please quote website. I want to sell this to a private individual rather than a greedy dealer
  18. trekbiker

    possibly for sale RS4 avant reservation

    i have ordered the following:- RS4 avant, mugello blue, silver recaro seats (sat nav+) Info pack silver trim piano interior Due for delivery late Sept, possibly the first with Recaros/not buckets in UK Change of circumstances- i was initially due to be working abroad form next...
  19. trekbiker

    suspension mods?

    I have a friend with a 2001 2.5 tdi FWD saloon, 100k on the clock. He wishes to upgrade the suspension on a budget. He is disappointed with the current handling, his car is an SE not a SPORT He is finding that he is often having to buy extra road in order to get a decent line on corners...
  20. trekbiker

    how much from a V6 tankful?

    any figures for me to dwell on please, considering buying one. Yeah, i know that economy shouldn't be a consideration, but it will aid my decision