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    golf2.0 tdi clutch help

    Hi all. Ive just fitted new clutch slave cylinder to the above car. The clutch pedal is now free moving. If I press the clutch pedal it stays on the floor. Ican easily lift the pedal up by hand. Any ideas on how to get any pressure so I can bleed the system. thanks.
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    1999 s3 tyre noise

    hi all get a funny noise from rear tyres on full lock. Any ideas. Thanks.
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    8l s3

    Hi all. Is there a fuse I can pull to run my s3 in 2wd. Also will it damage the car? Thanks all.
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    s3 8l tow bar

    Hi all. Not sure if this is the right section. If it's not can someone please point me in the right direction Has anyone got a tow bar for sale for a 1999 s3 8l. Cheers.
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    my s3 knows its christmas

    Last christmas eve I went out in the car and power steering pipi split. Jumped in the car this morning drove about a mile and the car started wandering violently and clicking when I turn. Looks like n/s/f outer cv joint has gone. Merry Christmas everyone.
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    what power should i expect

    Hi all. I have a 1999 s3 8l. It has badger 5 tip, s2000 airfilter, n249 delete, and a revo re map. Im having the car rolling road run at the end of the month. What sort of power do you guys think I should get? Thanks all.
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    crash sensor 1999 s3 8l

    Hi all. I've got a pre facepift s3 with a buggered crash sensor. Does anyone know where on the car it's locatex please? Thanks.
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    s3 8l remote central locking. please help

    Hi all ive had my 1999 s3 8l for a year now and the remote locking has never worked. Ive tried programming it myself several times with no joy. So today I took it to an ex audi technician who has vcds. He plugged into the car. And the was one fault showing saying open circuit crash. I have...
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    fitted new head unit. help please

    Hi all I just fitted a pioneer deh4500. Into my 1999 s3. I bought an adapter cable from halfords which says its for audi rear amplified. Ive installed it and im only getting sound out of the rear speakers, theres also a high pitch squeal when the volumes low. My s3 has the bose system...
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    removing audi concert head unit

    Hi all any tips on removing my standard head unit on a 1999 s3 8l. Thanks.
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    best mods for a 1999 s3 8l

    Hi all. As title says really.i have a s3 standard apard fron n249 removal. What are your suggestions for my first performance mods. Bearing in mind its on 153000 miles. But its nice and strong and not using any mods. Im looking to spend around £300 ON IT THIS MONTH. Any ideas greatly...
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    fpr vacume pipe

    hi all i did the n249 removal yesterday. as i was doing it i noticed the vacume pipe to the fpr was snapped. i replaced it. what would this do to the car? thanks.
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    s3 8l turbo oil pipes diagram

    hi all. has anyone got a parts diagram for a 1999 apy engined s3. i started the car this morning with the bonnet open, there was smoke coming from the turbo area. i think there is oil getting onto the turbo/manifold some how. i did have a quick look. but had no mirror available to look closely...
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    1999 s3 8l. slightly high emmissions

    hi all. just had my car mot.d and the tester advised me the emmissions are slightly high. any ideas of how to lower them please. just about to change all oils and filters. any help is greatly appreciated. thanks.
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    s3 8l revs slow to drop on gearchange

    Hi all. i have a 1999 s3 8l and the revs seem slow to drop, is this normal? i have also noticed its got worse on fuel, getting about 22 mpg. temp gets to 90 and stays there, any ideas? thanks.
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    Some tw$ts just drove in to my parked s3

    A local council van just hit my s3 and drove off. What can I do?
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    S3 8l door wiring connector

    Hi everyone. can anyone tell me where the connector for the drivers door wiring loom is? as in where I can disconnect the loom to remove the door. Thanks all
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    interior light and sunroof have minds of their own?

    hi all, i have a 1999 s3 and the drivers side interior light will be fine, then as im driveing along it will come on on its own but doesnt show on the dash as the door being open. if i change the switch to the off position it goes out. then when i get out i put it back to normal position it will...
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    interior light comes on whilst driving

    Hi all i have a 1999 s3. and now and then the interior light comes on when driving? also sometimes the light doesnt come on when i open the door? any ideas on where to start looking please. cheers
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    newbie s3 owner from s wales

    Hi all how is every one? i have just bought my first s3 its a 1999 ebony black 210. can anyone tell me if the intercoolers off a 225 hp are the same as on the 210 hp. many thanks matthew