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    Audi Quattro grills for sale??

    Hi guys, had a crash this morning so need to get new bumper and grill. I'm looking for the Audi black honeycomb grill with Quattro emblem across bottom and a bumper to go with it. If you know any one who sells parts please put me on to them, cheers guys
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    Stage 1 0-60mph

    what 0-60 do ya get outta stage 1 2009 Audi S3 guys, any ideas?
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    Audi s3 alloys

    anyone selling any new/used S3 19 " alloys to go on my 2009 S3, only want genuine but don't know where to find any!? Thanks
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    Can't see pictures??!

    why cant I see others uploaded pictures? There covered by an advert or something, do I need to sign up to something else to see them? Thanks
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    Clunking noise??

    When parking after being in full Lock reversing, when I put auto into drive n pull forward I sometimes get one big clunking noise, any ideas? Cheers
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    Can I get into the headlights to clean the front casing, it's got an old water mark that's annoying the fk outta me, any instructions or YouTube tutorials any very welcome. Thanks
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    Any one know where I can get hold of some good quality Audi mats with the S3 logo on, to fit my 2009 dgs auto S3? Thanks
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    Power, mods,specs, remapper and graphs!

    Can't decide who to go to to get my car remapped, just going state one. Want the best results. Will travel n will pay extra for the best Give me some help lads it's doing my head in ha
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    Hi folks, Can I get warrenty to cover my car if I have it tuned? It's under warrenty now but I will lose that when I go stage 1, is there any cover out there?
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    Power, mods,specs, remapper and graphs!

    Will remapping effect my 12 month warrenty iv just took out with the new motor? Also why are the clicking/ticking noises when ya park up n turn engine off after a good ride?? Is that normal? Is it just cooling down?? All help apriciated, thank you
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    S3 KWE - my build thread (it will be slow progress...)

    New to here guys, and my first Audi, Best oil to use? Best mapping to go for? How much is stage 2 with all parts n stuff? Was going to go for stage one but might just go straight to 2 after reading the above. I have the automatic gear box in 2009 model, can I still remap?
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    New to Audi S3, love it, Need advice

    Just bought 2009 S3, TFSI quattro. Wanting a remap but don't know best to use? Want more HP and better fuel consumption, is that possible??? Also it doesn't have electric folding mirrors, how do I go about fitting them?? They're electric just no fold in option, it's blanked out. Any help would...