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  1. SAiLO

    Help! 2.0tdi (140) limp and lots of faults that don't clear...

    Is your battery OK? Sent from my LG-H870DS using Tapatalk
  2. SAiLO

    Looking for a bumper mounting clip

    Go to your audi dealership or create a part request on here.
  3. SAiLO

    Turbo hiss (strange one )

    Mine has been hissing and sounding like a police siren for the last 5-6 years. Remapped also. Pulls well and no errors. Does not bother me anymore but people in the street will sometimes turn their heads :busted cop:
  4. SAiLO

    Brake caliper colour?

    Factory silver for me.
  5. SAiLO

    Do the TDI CR engines suffer any of the PD engine problems? Looking at buying CR or 1.8tfsi

    Aren't diesels supposed to be dropping in price due to all the government announcements?
  6. SAiLO

    S3 8P Rear Wiper Fault

    You need a new wiper motor and tool to remove the wiper arm. Around £70 for the parts.
  7. SAiLO

    New to VCDS, Fear of coding to car?

    Just back up the original coding before making changes and make sure you read up on modules you want to code as there are different versions depending on car spec and year.
  8. SAiLO

    Switch 6 CD Changer for iPod/Aux Connection?

    Check Xcarlink Sent from my LG-H950 using Tapatalk
  9. SAiLO

    Spraying Brake Calipers

    And make sure you clean the calipers very thoroughly.
  10. SAiLO

    Varta E44 Battery from Tayna - Warranty Experiences?

    Short journeys with lights, radio, rear window demister on, cold weather. Not enough time for battery to charge. It's easy enough to remove with the right tools and if charger can fix it then I guess it's better than getting a new one.
  11. SAiLO

    Varta E44 Battery from Tayna - Warranty Experiences?

    Hi. I have contacted Tayna and described issue I was having. They responded with details on how to return the battery but also mentioning that battery might be simply discharged due to cold weather, short journeys, lights left on etc. After advice from @NHN I have decided to buy CTEK charger...
  12. SAiLO

    Bkd blue smoke

    I occasionally get this with both 5w30 and 0w30. Usually after a longer, more spirited drive.
  13. SAiLO

    Anyone know about cluster component security?

    Good job. How did you manage to get it transferred?
  14. SAiLO

    New battery

    I believe it does, canbus comms in OBD port stops as soon as ignition is off but it could be that the dongle still draws power. I'll remove it for when the car is parked.
  15. SAiLO

    New battery

    Now I have to find out which fuse is responsible for my OBD port.
  16. SAiLO

    New battery

    Recharged the battery with CTEK overnight and the car started with the first crank. Might have a similar problem with something draining the battery. I got xcarlink plugged into the stereo and Bluetooth dongle in obd port to work with torque app. As far as I know both devices are powered off...
  17. SAiLO

    Glow plug light flashing

    Did you have it scanned?
  18. SAiLO

    New battery

    Straight swap. My Varta e44 died after four years. Recharging with a brand new CTEK - hope it sorts the problem out.
  19. SAiLO

    Varta E44 Battery from Tayna - Warranty Experiences?

    I have actually ordered one from amazon. Lets see if it sorts it out.
  20. SAiLO


    So just had my Varta E44 fail after 4 years. It's guaranteed for 5 years so in theory I should be getting it replaced/refunded. It has been a great battery up until today.