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    Cruise controll- How much should i expect to pay?

    Got mine done for £150 at Blackburn Audi...
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    RNS-E Street Name Announcements

    Any ideas guys?
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    RNS-E Street Name Announcements

    It's giving me voice guidence, e.g. In 200yds turn left etc. But i'm sure it used to call out the street names too; e.g. In 200yds turn left onto Park Road, for example...
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    RNS-E Street Name Announcements

    Hi all, Just a quick one; I'm sure my 2011 RNS-E announced street names on the Sat-Nav when I first got it but now it doesn't. Have I inadvertantly switched the feature off and if so how do I re-activate it?
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    Hi all, can anyone recommend a good professional vinyl roof wrapping business in the Lancashire / Manchester area; I live near Blackburn so the nearer the better really. I'm thinking of getting my roof and possibly spoiler done in Matt Black...
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    S3 8P cruise control....helpp!!!

    I got it fitted for £150 at Blackburn Audi back in January...
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    Good God fella; what the hell did ya do to those alloys??? Get them dipped in caustic soda quick!!
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    2012 RNS-E Disc.

    So do your copies have the 2nd disc with the update and speed cameras? If so how much are they?
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    New Day Joy!!! No Door, No Wing, No Rear Door.. GREAT!!

    W**kers; the culprit should be dragged from their car and killed.
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    Rear number plate LED's x 18 & the law

    Have had these installed in the last 4 vehicles I've owned and had no Police entanglements; and I'm in the Police incidentally...
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    My Audi A3 from Germany

    Simply awesome!! Those S8 wheels are right on the money...
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    LED numberplate lights

    It's the complete led lamp unit as here...
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    LED numberplate lights

    I think the flash has blown out the 2nd picture and basically enhanced the number plate reflection like a ****** speed camera...
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    LED numberplate lights

    Just received my new LED number plate bulbs from Auto LED Shop this morning... Got them fitted now and just reporting that there is no bulb out warning on the DIS so all good here. :thrashi:
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    If the outside temperature is below 4 degrees it will stop working, if you have automatic air conditioning and you have that set to very low or very high temperature; the start/stop system will disengage whilst the temperature in the car is attained... If you have all the electrics on; i.e...
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    Imminent RNS-E Install...

    Just wanna say again a very very big thanks to Wesley for fitting and coding my RNS-E; you were great fella and looking forward to hooking up again sometime...:beerchug:
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    Imminent RNS-E Install...

    Thanks again for the posts there; they're incredibly helpful and informative... :-)
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    brakes -sharpness- compared to golf tdi mk5

    I've always thought this to be the case; I've had 2 MkV Golfs, an Audi A1, an 8p2 and 2 8p3 A3's and the brakes have never felt as sharp as the VW. However, my current A3's brakes are s##t hot so it could just be that I've gotten used to them...
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    Imminent RNS-E Install...

    Just want to say thanks for comments and messages guys on this issue; Wesley is kindly doing the install and coding for me tomorrow so crisis averted!! :-)