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  1. S3RYE

    Where ive been & my plans....

    Hi Guys, for those who remember me you would know I was very very active here for a couple of years. Unfortunately with every car there comes a time where the love just dwindles, well for me anyway usually around the 3-4 year mark. Anyway, due to this I ended up spending a fortune on holidays...
  2. S3RYE

    KONY! make him famous!

    Hi Guys, Im sure you've already seen this but if you haven't take 30 mins out your day to watch it... Its gone global and is spreading the world like a plague.. Seriously, its deep....
  3. S3RYE

    Problems :( Irratic idle issues

    Hi Guys, Some of you might know, my car suffered with misfire problems for quite a while. Audi recently had my car and actually agreed they would change the valve springs to sort the car. When they had they car they failed to replicate the issue. (car miraculously stopped misfiring) which was...
  4. S3RYE

    Audi to release RS1 limited run of 333 units. WTF!?

    PistonHeads Headlines - Audi A1 Quattro revealed are they winding us up? will it actually be badged as an RS or just an S1?
  5. S3RYE

    ESP fault - due to? Battery died or uneven tyre tread?

    Hi guys, Cutting a long story short my battery died on me sitting idle (had iPhone on charge and radio on for around an hour so understandable) The car wouldn't turn over and came up with ESP fault. So anyway got the battery sorted an cars back running but I still have ESP FAULT and...
  6. S3RYE

    Porsche Fitment Tyres on S3???

    Hi Peoples, Basically just had two new front tyres put on the S3. I told my guy to order Michelin PS2 225/40/18's for me. Basically i turned up, didnt even look at the tyres and once they were fitted i decided to have a look. It turns out they ARE Michelin PS2 22/40/18 but a (N3) model which...
  7. S3RYE

    S3 Spark Plugs - Stage 2+

    Hi All, As you know been running stage 2+ for around 10,000 miles. When it was taken from stage 1 to 2+ i had the plugs and coilpacks changed over to fresh OEM ones as reccomended by AMD Essex. The ones in there were fecked and gave up the minute it went 2+. Now i had previously seen a lot...
  8. S3RYE

    S3 8L with TTRS BT LUMP???

    Super Coupes Ltd : Audi S3 big power 700hp 2.5 turbo erm? discuss... :scared2:
  9. S3RYE


    Just letting everyone know, Sunday 7th August & i think its 6-10pm. It has been Confirmed on their website, you need to select August... Will be good for anyone in and around the London area to try and get there. I know a few of us have already spoken and agreed so should be a good turn out...
  10. S3RYE

    How much/often do you drink? and what? (Alcohol)

    Am sitting in my flat with a can of FOSTERS (don't actually like them) & i am wanting to compare myself with others. I tend to drink Lager 4 nights a week. On a work night no more than 3 cans but on weekends double figures a lot of the time. I don't really drink spirits anymore unless i'm...
  11. S3RYE

    Gauging interest - ASN Nurburgring trip September(ISH)

    Hi everyone, I'm basically just trying to see if anyone here could potentially be interested in an ASN "ring trip" this year. It’s something I really want to do! Not to go mad just to gain the whole experience. A few people from the 8L section are already booked and planned to go. I’ve...
  12. S3RYE

    Who said S3's understeer? Lol

    Saw this and had to post it! (Not posted in Video section as it is A3/S3 specific!) Now i appreciate this driving isn't great but its quite funny and imagine how embarassing!! He clearly went in too fast then im not really sure how he ended up over the other side... also not sure why the vis...
  13. S3RYE

    Ambulance Driver Causes need for an ambulance!! OMG

    only in the middle east!!
  14. S3RYE

    Crazy Accident!

    OMG!! :ohmy:
  15. S3RYE

    Full S3 8P2 to 8P3 Facelift conversion... DONT THINK SO!

    At first i though good effort... Then i noticed the bumper :wtf: Audi : AUDI S3 2.0 T FSI 2007/57 **FULL 2010 UPGRADE** FULLY LOADED BLACK ED
  16. S3RYE

    Amazing Iron Man & Son Video...

    Intro YouTube - **** & Rick Hoyt Actual Race YouTube - Iron Man Speechless... Real Man!
  17. S3RYE

    Credit Cards - PPI claimbacks!!

    Hi Guys, Just wondering has anyone had success getting thier money back?? ive just opened a claim with Payment Protection - Mis-Sold Insurance? & they seem to be quite confident!! ive been paying £10.49 PPi for the last 4 years!!! :ohmy: hopefully ill get some money back!!! :search: im...
  18. S3RYE

    Stooopid BMW Driver EPIC FAIL!

    Bit like Aythrees thread... was driving through ESSEX & saw this thought it was quite hilarious as well as a massive Fail! i mean come on.... whos he fooling? his bimbo mrs?
  19. S3RYE

    Dusty DISgrace

    Hi Peeps, Really been bugging me lately (since the suns come out especially) Basically there is dust inside my Cluster (DIS) & was wondering does anyone else suffer with this problem or is it something i should be moaning at Audi about... To me it looks like where the pins are to reset the...
  20. S3RYE

    GT5 - Car Trading Thread

    Hi guys, Thought a trading thread could be quite good... Up for grabs I have Lexus ISF racing concept. Brand new Lancia Delta S4 rally car '85 Not looking for anything in particular! :respekt: