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    ETKA, Etos and Workshop Manuals.

    WHY THE HELL DON'T VAG SELL ETKA , ETOS and WORKSHOP MANUALS over the counter, they could make a fortune. Back in the 1960s and 1970s I rallyed SAABs. I could buy all of the workshop manuals, parts lists, rally manuals from SAAB. If you wrote to them they would send you the information that I...
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    Rear Window Clearing

    I have not been up close to an A2, thye are as rare as rocking horse s**t in Ireland. You may have read that we were going to buy one, but now the toss up is between a Polo GTI, WHY DID THEY STOP MAKING IT, and a Lupo, GTI or Sport. Got to get back to the MK II GTI feeling, ours is a bit dead...
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    16" Wheels - 5 x 112 PCD

    When I bend the 90 20v Q, I destroyed one of my 16" RGs. (Together with the wishbone, undertray and sump) I need information on whether Audi made 16" space savers and/or 16" steels, on 5 x 112 PCD? If so does anyone know the clearance diameter, or radius, adjacent to the hub face? The RGs are...
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    90 20v Q - Wanted

    Has anyone got a 90 20v Q which they will sell cheap, and help me get it to Ireland? I have bent mine, hence no pictures. Would prefer NO SUNROOF. Sorry, IT MUST NOT HAVE A SUNROOF!!!!!!!!
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    A2 Black Interiors - do they exist?

    Well, do they?????????????????
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    A2 New Model

    My local Audi dealer thought he had heard a rumour that Audi will build a new A2.
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    1992 2.0E 100/A6 Avant - Autocheck

    I have an infuriating problem with the Autocheck on my car. The bulb failure light is almost constantly on. I have checked, and cleaned, all connections that I can find, with no success. I do not own a Bently manual for this car, but my 90 20v Bently manual shows some form of control box at each...
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    100/A6 Front Suspension Track Control Arms - Replacement

    I have just replaced both track control arms on my 1992 Avant. Quite hard work if you do 1 side at a time. Getting the roll bar out of the way is no fun. The reason for this post is with regard to removing the thin bush which locates the inner rubber mount into the sub-frame. I did not want to...
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    2.0E Cylinder Head Damage

    I have just removed the cylinder head from my 100 2.0E. It was running on two cylinders, with low compression on pots 1 & 2. The reason was a quite large groove in the cylinder head between 1 & 2 (about 2mm deep by 10mm wide). This looks to have been worn, perhaps burnt, into the land...
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    5 Cylinder Alloy Engine Blocks

    Does anyone have information, or know where I can find information, on 5 cylinder alluminium engine blocks.
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    25 Valve Engine

    Does anyone have information, or know where I can find information, on the 25 valve engines? I did find a couple of photographs in the past.