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  1. JonChalk

    For Sale K&N E-0646 Filter <2000miles (B9 A4s/A5s + earlier)

    Put this on my S5 just before CV-19 came along & the S5 has now gone, so seeing if there's any interest. Definitely fits B9 A4s and A5s, plus earlier models I think, but best check for yourself if you're interested. £40 +PP (of your choice)
  2. JonChalk

    Newbie S5 owner

    Welcome! I moved from a Mk2 TT, then a Mk3 TTS to my S5 over three years ago - haven't regretted it or looked back to the TT(s) since. If you can find them cheap enough, Michelin PS4S's go really well with the car. Polish the exhaust tips every week!
  3. JonChalk

    Audi roadside assistance after 3 years?

    Considering it includes European cover (pointless at the moment, granted), I couldn't get any of the big names near that price - renewed mine in April @ £155 for 2 years.
  4. JonChalk

    Audi S5 B9 Soundakor?!

    Don't know, forgotten what it sounds like - disconnected mine after 2 months ownership, over three years ago now. From memory, it's artificial and not super-convincing & pointless, given it's pretty easy to force the exhaust valves to stay open. The "natural" sound is plenty good enough...
  5. JonChalk

    How to ruin your Rs3 101, in all matt black, I can see that LMS kit looking pretty good.
  6. JonChalk

    Show Us Your Beading Shots

    Gratuitous beading video, shot at 240fps.
  7. JonChalk

    Audi Roadside Assistance renewal

    Just a quick note: if you renew this, or the warranty, it won't show up either as renewed on the myAudi app, the website and the Audi UK app. I have the new recovery "credit card" which has the correct date, and have rung the warranty team & they are clear it has been renewed, but there's some...
  8. JonChalk

    stick with continental or go with PS4s?

    Michelin were doing £100 off for 4 tyres. Not sure if it's still on. Got my PS4S's 18 months and 15000 miles ago fro my S5 - still got 4.5mm of tread left. The OEM Hankooks were noisy and less grippy and total sh*t in the wet, and were down to 3mm by same distance. Can't recommend them enough.
  9. JonChalk

    Show Us Your Reflection Shots

    Shot off the bonnet of my S5
  10. JonChalk

    RS5 vs S5

    Fair point - not fussed about the HUD. ACC would be nice, though.
  11. JonChalk

    RS5 vs S5

    Have you settled on "new"? 2nd hand Petrol S5 + some tuning will get you to RS5 (or near anyway). Interiors are pretty much identical, as is suspension. Well, near enough for road use. Not sure how or where I've ever thought "blimey, I wish my stock S5 were faster" & the inside is a fantastic...
  12. JonChalk

    Drying towels

    I've found the Kent Extra Large MF drying towels suck up water quicker then towels I've bought that are much thicker, high GSMs. On a dark car, in the summer, in a very hard water area, they are invaluable.
  13. JonChalk

    What Car Care / Detailing Have You Done Today ?

    3 years old next week. Washed, clayed, machine polished, degreased then waxed. Wheels off, brake callipers cleaned, wheels cleaned, de-tarred, re-treated with Poor Boys. Two weekends work (not fully, but still....)
  14. JonChalk

    Air filter for my b9 s4

    2 things (bit of thread resurrection, sorry); 1. K&N was down to £70 on Amazon the other day, so finally bought one & will be fitting later. 2. My UK S5 came with the foam sock on it, but won't be staying for K&N (obvs).
  15. JonChalk

    Word Association Game .. . . .

  16. JonChalk


    If you have time, High Roller is worth a go, especially at sunset.
  17. JonChalk

    Word Association Game .. . . .

  18. JonChalk


    My TTS came with Potenzas and I didn't rate them at all on that. Noisy, harsh and total pants in the wet. Got rid of the car before the tyres wore out though, so tyre life ok. Not sure I rate Bridgestone anywhere near the same as Michelin, Hankook, Goodyears or even Falkens (all of which I have...
  19. JonChalk

    Something odd happened - MMI screen

    Not denying your experience, but have had zero issues with mine, not even slight oddities or quirks, in 2 years and 21k.
  20. JonChalk


    Touch quieter than the Hankooks it came on. Definitely better in the cold and wet. Better on initial turn in, still after 4k. The rim protection alone has paid for itself in two unfamiliar multi-storey car parks, so I figure I'm still winning ;-)