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    Another Audi extra. (I mean toy)

    Came across this almost new Audi bicycle in Germany and purchased it to add to my toys, fits nicely in the 8V SB :kissmyrings:
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    S3 chrome grille strips

    Can anyone with an Etka tell me if the 8v S3 chrome grille strips can be purchased separately and their part numbers please. The local dealer not very forthcoming with info, many thanks
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    Cannot get to grips with handbrake !!!

    Hi everyone, Done 1200 miles now but having great difficulty getting to grips with the electric hand brake,:banghead: so the car might have to go. Is it me, or is anyone else in the same position?.
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    Boys and their toys

    Boys and their toys, I use the term 'boys' very, very loosely being in my seventies, I thought I would post a picture of my latest toy my A3 Sport, did contemptate a Sline but decided on the sport, not liking the black headlining and large wheels of that model, I prefer comfort rather than...
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    Anyone with storage package ?

    Anyone with storage package yet?. Ordered it with mine and it does not have a storage box under the passenger seat and wondered if this is the norm. I contacted the dealer over a week ago and they were unable to help so they are contacting AudiUK---no reply as yet. If this is correct I will...
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    Collected Sport SB Yesterday

    Hi, Collected my Sport SB yesterday very pleased with it so far but have a query if anyone can help. I ordered the storage package and have just noticed that there is only a storage box under the drivers seat and not the passenger seat, does anyone know if this is correct?
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    Anyone had ceramic glasscoat applied to new car ?

    Hi Everyone, I am new to this forum but not new to Audi, I have a new SB due for delivery in two weeks and was thinking of having Glasscoat 3 Ceramic coating applied to it by a detailer rather than the dealer--------anyone had this applied, does it work etc, any advice would be much appreciated...
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    Hi All, Newbie from West Yorkshire, New A3 SB on order.

    Hi Everybody, Just to say Hello, I am a newbie to but not to Audi, New car will be my sixth Audi in a row, looking forward to delivery mid May. Cheers :hi: