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    Post your B8 eBay, Classified and For Sale links in here. Do not create a thread

    I have moved away from Audi so I have 4 tyres for sale. All 245/40/18, 2 are Goodyears with about 3.5 - 4 mm and evenly worn. The other 2 tyres are mid range economy tyres with about 5.5 - 6 mm on each and also evenly worn. I am based in Sheffield so best if you can pickup. Looking for £100 ovno
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    S4 exhaust round up and reviews

    ****** hell that armytrix is a beast of a sound
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    Dash rattle and wind noise

    The surround rattled on mine as well at the low point of the dial on the left side I just cut down a piece of double sided tape (number plate holder) and stuck behind to resolve. Cant help with the window one I sometimes get the same depends on how loud the radio is for me to notice it really
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    Do you go for a warranty??

    if its dealer based then probably but if its after market dont bother as I have just found out for the second time of ever having one. 2 different cars 2 different warranties not worth the paper they were written on in my honest opinion
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    Wanted: Passenger Mirror Glass AutoDim & Heated Required

    OK so I have a warranty with the car which SUPRISE SUPRISE does not cover the mirror cause its glassed as a heated element. The replacement from the dealer for just the glass is extortianate so just wondering if anyone has either just the glass or the whole assembly knocking around. Its got to...
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    SLT Remaps

    Yep thats the one, just need wheels refurbed and full detail then im gonne be most happy. Where did you see the car? Did he post on his facebook page?
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    SLT Remaps

    So remap done today and what a difference:hubbahubba: Pulls much better no waiting for the turbo to spool up fantastic acceleration, especially in 2/3/4, no readout available but mapped to 210bhp from 160bhp, and enjoying all the extra ponys. Glad I uprated the front discs and pads in January...
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    SLT Remaps

    Are you talking about the guy from SLT?
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    SLT Remaps

    My car is a 1.8TFSI 58 plate. he says it will be more drivable and increase of about 50-55bhp on the stock 160. I also went to Stadhler(spelling) but the guy I spoke to seemed vague plus it was an off the shelf and £495. SLT do a custom for £225 plus he seemed to know his stuff without the usual BS
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    SLT Remaps

    Anyone used SLT remaps in Sheffield? If you did what did you think of the service/aftercare? Thanks
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    Front End Rattle

    I have a rattle that appears to be eminating from in front of me and can be heard when going over bumps. I have not yet had the time to check the usuals like springs or anti-roll bars but is there anything specific fault wise I should also check? B8 A4 SLine 2008
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    HELP?? What tyre size

    Not convinced mate, a wider tyre basically plows through snow were a skinnier tyre would cut through snow:uhm:
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    HELP?? What tyre size

    Cheers guys the comparison site says I can use both an to be honest I think 225 is sufficient. I agree about the grip in the summer months but think that winter and snow skinny is better, after all look at the rally tryes I know they are studded but they are skinnier than usual
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    HELP?? What tyre size

    I currently run 245/40/18s on my B8 Audi A4 SLine. Im looking to fit some winter rubber for a trip to somewhere snowy so what size do I need to get? Should I stick with the 245s or can I use a narrower setup.......say 225/45/18???? Cheers
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    Engine rebuild required on a B8 @68k

    can anyone tell me if the 1.8 TFSI engine suffers from this issue? 120bhp & 160bhp?