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  1. stevehall

    2.0T FSi - Kettle’s Boiled

    Hi, I have a few problems with my 2.0T FSi at the moment L One problem I have is that when the engine is running and I listen there is a whistle like a kettle has boiled, and keeps going a few seconds after I turn it off. I am not sure if it has always done this, but it does not sound...
  2. stevehall

    2.0T FSi Fuel Filter

    Morning, I am having a few problems with my A4 B7, and i think i need to change the fuel filter as the problems are fuel related. Anyone know where its located, and how easy this is? I have done some hunting around and can only see posts on the TDi's Steve
  3. stevehall

    Faults on my A4 2.T FSi

    I have these fault codes on my 2.0T FSi A4. Anyone offer any advice.. Address 01: Engine Labels: 06F-907-115-AXX.lbl Part No SW: 8E0 910 115 J HW: 8E0 907 115 C Component: 2.0l R4/4V TFSI 0080 Revision: --H02--- Serial number: Coding...
  4. stevehall

    Fault Codes

    Hi All. Anyone help me with what to do next to fix these fault codes? Fault 1 & 2 have only just come up, and i have never seen these before Fault 3 i have seen and cleared down a few times, so i think its time to fix that one. Fault 1 012600 - Intake Manifold Runner Control: Regulation...
  5. stevehall

    Running Gear Service

    I have a 2.0T Quattro B7 auto and over the past week it started to jump between gears, other than that seems to be fine. Its getting on abit at the moment, its a 2005 with 115k. On my MOT they noticed some oil on the read diff, but in the service they said there was nothing to worry about...
  6. stevehall

    Advice on A6 purchase

    I have a A4 at the moment and I am thinking of upgrading to a A6. My ideal car is a 2007-2009 A6 Avant, Quattro, 3.0l TDi, Manual, with lots of toys My questions are, is there anything to look out for on the 3.0 TDi units? Any major problems?
  7. stevehall

    My A4 - Whats it worth?

    I am thinking of getting a new Audi, and just wanted to know what people think mine is worth? My baby is a Audi A4 2005 (B7), SE, 2.0T FSI, Quattro, Tip. It has full Audi history, last service was about a month ago, and nothing was picked up on this. I have retro fit, RNS-e, tow bar...
  8. stevehall

    Oil Leak from Rear

    Hi. I have a Quattro and on the MOT they picked up an oil leak from rear of car, so i guess its the Quattro system Anyone know how much i will be looking at to repair, depending on what it is? It cant be a bad leak as its not left any parches on drive or work space? My other worry is how...
  9. stevehall

    Big Day!

    Well my A4 is now getting on a bit, She's an 05 2.0T FSI and on Friday hit the bigg 100! Was quite a moment on the M6, had to stop and have a drink to mark the day! Anyone else got high miles on the 2.0T FSI engines?
  10. stevehall

    Audi TT / R8

    Why?? I know everyone has their own taste and style, but why would you want to change a nice looking TT into an mess? There is no way you could get a TT to look like an R8, so why try and make it look like something its not? I drove past one of these yesterday, and could not believe my eyes...
  11. stevehall

    Snooper S6 R Neo PLus +

    Anyone out there got one of these? I quite fancy one, as i spend a lot of time on the road and will be back to no points soon, and i want to keep it that way. I used to have a snooper about 5 years ago when they first...
  12. stevehall

    Help! I have a misfire

    Ahhh Help! This morning on the way to the train station my car started to missfire 15 mins into the trip! I had my vag com lead with me and i got the fault codes. Address 01: Engine Labels: 06F-907-115-AXX.lbl Part No SW: 8E0 910 115 J HW: 8E0 907 115 C Component: 2.0l...
  13. stevehall

    High Definition Wax

    Got myself some Auto Glym High Definition Wax For the Ultimate Finish Anyone used it? I plan to spend the weekend giving my motor a good clean.
  14. stevehall

    Hang my head in shame!!

    Well what a start to the week! Had to call the RAC out this morning on my way to work! I ran out of petrol! :banghead: In my defence my fuel gauge did not show empty, showed almost empty and the range still said 10 miles! The RAC man was very helpful and soon had me back on my way, he also did...
  15. stevehall

    Current RNS-E Firmware

    What is the current release of firmware for the RNE-E? I want to know if mine is up to date? - If not how can i update it? HW: 8E0 035 192 T Component: RNS-E HIGH EU H75 X--- Revision: 06S I also notice I have HIGH in the component detail off VAG-COM – what does that mean?
  16. stevehall

    Sail 4 Cancer - Sponsorship / Charity Fund Raiser

    Not sure if this is allowed on the forums, but as its for charity I thought I would give it a go! I know times are hard and people are struggling to make ends meet, but every little that you could give helps. I have a friend and she is trying to raise as much money as possible for Sail 4...
  17. stevehall

    Had enough of this weather

    Anyone else had enough of this weather? Just been out to install my glove box after fixing the hinge, and my car is horrible – so dirty! But how do you keep them clean at this time of year? Id never go through a car was and it’s a little cold to get sponge out and spend a full day cleaning out...
  18. stevehall

    Foot well Lights

    Hi All, As you may be aware I am in the process of changing my glove box, and fixing the hinge, and I now have another job I fancy doing at the same time - I know this has been talked about before, as i have asked - but i cant find anything. I fancy installing foot well lights in the front...
  19. stevehall

    Cool Box Glove Box

    I know this is the wrong time of year, but i got myself a cool glove box off ebay...The one with the cooler section on the bottom shelf. It has the pipe off the back of the cooler section that i guess connects to the AC. Is there a obvious place to connect the pipe when I remove the old...
  20. stevehall

    Find Part Numbers

    I have a question... I have seen in the past a program that lets you explore and find part numbers for your Audi - and you get get outputs like this... Is this a program you can get?