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  1. spartacus 68

    Front suspension overhaul

    If you’ve not come across Dave Sterl on YouTube you’re missing out. He’s old school, do it by the book, complete with the right tools, and a few invaluable tips along the way. This is probably the most comprehensive set of videos I’ve come across for upper and lower suspension renewal on B8 and...
  2. spartacus 68

    Audi Allroad brake strip down

    I fitted new Zimmerman discs and pads earlier in the year on my Allroad, 12-plate, 60k miles. I thought I'd been pretty thorough as I wire brush the carriers, grease the slide pins, etc. Fast forward to October, damper days, the fact the car isn't doing a lot of miles as I'm working from home...
  3. spartacus 68

    Rear coil spring seats replacement

    Car (B8 A4 Allroad) was in for a air-conditioning recharge at the main dealer today. For £100 I think that's not too bad. They did their usual health check and came back with the rear coil spring seats needing replaced. As far as I can see from the Audicam video its the rubber seats that have...
  4. spartacus 68

    Leather treatment recommendation

    I haven't treated the leather/alcantara seats in my 2012 Ibis White A4 Allroad since I bought it 4 years ago. Interior is mint, this is 60k mile car, vacuumed weekly. Only thing the seats have had is a wipe over with a damp cloth. Looks like they could use a feed. Looking for recommendations...
  5. spartacus 68

    Wrong suspension parts

    Apologies, but this is a bit of a rant. Audi Allroad 2.0 TDI (177ps). I was reversing out of the drive last Saturday and the car made a loud bang. I knew immediately it was a coil spring. I've owned Audis for years, but didn't expect it to be the front suspension. So offside front spring had...
  6. spartacus 68

    Stolen B5 RS4

    Taken from one of my Facebook Audi Forums. I don't know the person, but they've just had three cars all stolen from the same address last night in Darlington. Pretty distinctive cars including B5 RS4, 2016 RS3 and a VW van. Just in case they crop up for sale in your neck of the woods. Admin...
  7. spartacus 68

    Coolant temperature not hitting 90 degrees

    Driving over the last few days in my B8 Allroad (177PS), noticed that the car takes forever to come up to temperature. Granted it's cold, but wonder if it's coolant temperature sensor? I scanned car a week or so ago after a full service and nothing on VCDS to indicate a fault. Audi main dealer...
  8. spartacus 68

    Drop in power

    On route to pick up my daughter from work and my trusty V6 seemed to go give up the ghost on a slight incline when I floored it. This has happened a couple of times before when hauling a trailer. Is it going into limp mode? Thing is, on the run back the turbo kicks in and she whistles as the...
  9. spartacus 68

    S4 Avant on Ebay Nice colour... even has an electric sunroof. Apparently £34k spent on it during ownership. :photo:
  10. spartacus 68

    Where have all the B5s gone?

    Surprise... they're all in bleed'n Portugal.:meeting: I'm currently enjoying some sun before I batten down the hatches for another obligatory 'cold as brass monkeys' winter back in Blighty! So about the B5s, there are simply loads of them, all with rust-free front arches, however the sun seems...
  11. spartacus 68

    Alarm problem - VCDS needed

    The car alarm on my B5 quattro has been going off the last couple of weeks so I disconnected it to avoid a showdown with my neighbours. I know there's a fix on the alarm siren as the internal batteries fail, which I completed yesterday. I used this guide...
  12. spartacus 68

    Plug ugly A4 quattro

    Don't even know where to start... :wtf: Audi A4 1.9 TDI 130 Quattro SE 5dr
  13. spartacus 68

    Suspension niggle

    Recently when going over an uneven road surface I can feel an offside front rattle. It's nothing major, but you know what it's like. Better dealt with now, than leaving it to get worse. I renewed the upper control arms and lower arms, ARB C link and ARB front and rear bushes in Autumn 2011 at...
  14. spartacus 68

    A4 quattro rear noise driving me crazy!

    Coming up for 150k on my 2001 A4 2.5 TDI quattro sport avant (AKN engine). Since Easter there had been a rumble noise from the rear that increases with speed. So far I've replaced the rear wheel bearing (passenger side), checked rear diff fluid level which is fine, fitted two new rear tyres, and...
  15. spartacus 68

    Audi A4 quattro noise driving me nuts!

    I'm at a loss with my car just now. Have already had rear bearing changed, two new tyres fitted and noise still persists. Started as a 'hum' at 40mph which I reckoned was a rear wheel bearing. Before going on holiday I got the rear N/S bearing changed. £240 While on holiday it started to make...
  16. spartacus 68

    Rear diff noise?

    Typical. Just had a rear N/S wheel bearing teplaced on my A4 avant quattro prior to going on holiday and because my ears have been tuned to the tell tale whine of a bad bearing I have heard another noise. Currently on holiday on the west coast, and coming back from the beach I can hear what...
  17. spartacus 68

    Audi brake pad wear sensor

    This fault started last week and has been coming on intermittently. The pads have plenty wear left on them. To rule out the fault on the pads themselves, I disconnected the pad and connector, and on the other half of the connector I bridged the gap with fuse wire. Fault still there - so it's the...