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  1. billyali86

    Rear DRLs on permanently

    Does anyone have the coding to do this? Think they look a hell of a lot better on! I am sure I have seen it somwhere else on the forum but apparently this also turns on iterior lighting which I don't want.
  2. billyali86

    H&R Springs - RS3

    Think the drop looks perfect with these! Will probs be the first mod I do when my car arrives next month
  3. billyali86

    Spring/ Spacers

    I know its quite early on, but has anyone that has taken/ or taking delivery thought of doing this? Considering spacers and springs to give the RS3 a slightly more aggresive stance
  4. billyali86

    Facelift RS3? A bit irritating to say the least for those of us that have just taken delivery or are awaiting delivery of our RS3s
  5. billyali86

    One off rs3
  6. billyali86

    Sepang or Nardo??

    Have put an order in today for a Nardo car, I like the colour but am being talked round to Sepang? I like Sepang however had Suzuka grey on my TT RS which I loved, imagine nardo to be a darker shade of that basically. Also, only pics I have seen of Sepang is with the normal silver wheels and...