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  1. V6Pete

    Anybody fancy my 18" Cades Berns? (Mesh design - similar to HRE/VMR)

    8Jx18" ET42 Only been on car for a couple of months. 3 wheels are mint, 1 has some minor kerbing due to a stupid underground carpark. They're fitted with 225/40/18 Michelins. 2 have got a fair bit of life left. 1 is pretty near the limit, 1 is worn out. £400 and they're yours. Form an orderly...
  2. V6Pete

    What is an RNS-E / Bluetooth selling for these days

    My plan was to leave the RNS-E / Bluetooth in my car when I sell it, but interested to know what they'd fetch if I was to take back out. Pete
  3. V6Pete

    Leather armrest

    I've got one kicking about... who wants it? It's got phone prep in it, but not a problem to ignore this. I never got round to fitting it to my car, and won't do now. It came from a 6 month old crash damaged S3, so looks as good as new.
  4. V6Pete

    Anybody have a set of 3.2Q springs...

    that they want to sell? S-Line, Eibach, H&R..... it's all good. Talk to me.
  5. V6Pete

    Anybody have a set of 18" RS6 style alloys...

    ... that they want to sell? If so, talk to me!
  6. V6Pete

    Rust on bottom of front doors :(

    Whilst my car was being treated to d2detail today, we noticed some rust on the bottom of the front doors. Is this a common problem on the A3, and has anybody else had this? The car has FASH, so I'll be taking it down to Northampton Audi on Friday for them to send a claim over to Audi UK under...
  7. V6Pete

    Just had my car detailed today. Looks awesome! *** NEW PICS ATTACHED. WOOOOOO!!! ***

    My mate Matt recently set up his detailing company. Although a relatively new venture, he has 10 years experience as a sprayer in a bodyshop, so knows his way around a rotary polisher and how to make the best of paintwork. He's also built a number of show-winning cars, and has an attention to...
  8. V6Pete

    Does anybody have any twin-grills knocking about?

    With all the people swapping the twin-grill to the facelift single grill, I'm guessing there must be a pile of early grills sitting under beds / in sheds / in garages / in gardens / waiting to be thrown away....
  9. V6Pete

    3dr facelift tail lights

    Does anybody have the part no's for the RHD 3dr 09 tail lights? Also if you're selling some, PM me! Ta, Pete
  10. V6Pete

    New rims finally on (warning: rubbish photos)

    After buying these over 3 months ago and getting them painted up (thanks N8 for all your help), I've finally got them fitted! Nothing revolutionary, but the flat grey finish makes them look a bit different to the regular finish. You can't see in the pics, but the mirrors are painted to match...
  11. V6Pete

    Shakey shakey

    Evenin' all. My car has is currently seriously shaking under acceleration. As soon as I ease off the throttle it goes away, but under acceleration it's barely driveable. I'm going to try to book it into the garage in the morning, but wondering if anybody has experienced something similar? I'd...
  12. V6Pete

    Found out why my ESP light was staying on

    Because my MAF has failed. Now why didn't I think of that? :banghead:
  13. V6Pete

    ESP light then Engine Management light

    I was driving home the other night, put my foot down on a clear stretch of road, and as the revs hit around 5,000, it stopped accelerating quite suddently and the ESP light came on. The next morning it was still on and after a few miles the engine management light came on to join it. Now both...
  14. V6Pete

    New rims

    After selling my CH's, I needed some wheels to run around on until my new "Summer" wheels are ready. I went for 18" Cades Bern's. It's a new wheel, but really pleased with how it looks on these
  15. V6Pete

    What are my rims worth?

    I've got a set of OE S-Line 5 spokes (RS6 stylee). They're all straight, but do have some minor scuffs and kerbing so could do with a refurb. Any idea what these should sell for? Cheers, Pete
  16. V6Pete

    Spare mirror covers?

    Hi, does anybody have a spare pair of mirror covers gathering dust, getting in the way, waiting for somebody to come along and ask on the forum? If so, today's your lucky day, as THIS IS THAT VERY POST! Colour doesn't matter, and a few scuffs etc. will be ok. If you're able to hook me up, and...
  17. V6Pete

    Have your wishbones worn out?

    Then check out my advert :) Brand spanking new, cheap as chips, and much better quality than the GSF / eBay junk. Please form an orderly queue. Pete
  18. V6Pete

    What Audi changed on my car...

    Finally received my invoice with a breakdown of all the parts Audi replaced when my car went into them. Here goes.... Gasket x 1 @ £17.28 Chain x 1 @ £38.46 Chain x 1 @ £38.46 Tensioner x 1 @ £24.46 Timingcase (VVT solenoid?) x 1 @ £459.98 Tensioner x 1 @ £11.93 Pin x 1 @ £2.96 Rail x 1 @...
  19. V6Pete

    Got my car back :o)

    After having half the engine replaced, my car is back! If always felt a little hesitant pulling away in 1st, and is now incredibly responsive, almost feeling over sensitive! I never had any major issues with holding the engine at constant revs, but it always jumped slightly - it's now...
  20. V6Pete

    Audi Goodwill

    Stretched timing chain. 75% of £2162 repair. Result :)