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  1. Martinbanshee

    Launch control

    BTW if you set it up correctly the car will rev freely to about 4000rpm and sit there at 4000ish, even with the pedal to the floor, if you feel the car pull at all it’s not in launch mode. It should feel like you’re revving it in neutral. What usually catches people out is not pushing the brake...
  2. Martinbanshee

    Facelift Brake Discs and Pads

    I use MTEC C-Hook discs all round, definitely an improvement over the standard discs. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Martinbanshee

    Dashcam not running from usb

    You can cover the data pins with a bit of insulation tape, works a treat.
  4. Martinbanshee

    Word Association Game .. . . .

  5. Martinbanshee

    S3 Saloon Suspension & Headlight warnings on dash

    Fixed now, it was the front left level sensor, good as new now. FYI, with the dead level sensor the Mag-Ride and the various ADS steering modes didn’t work, it seemed to default to Comfort Mode for the steering and the suspension was very bouncy. The various engines modes in ADS all worked fine...
  6. Martinbanshee

    S3 Saloon Suspension & Headlight warnings on dash

    Just had two warnings pop up on the dash when I started the car, anybody got ideas what the cause could be? Haven’t modded anything or hit potholes, they just came on yesterday morning. The headlights still do their up/down sweep when starting the car.
  7. Martinbanshee

    Cruise control not maintaining speed going downhill

    My PFL S3 maintains speed on any downhill. I have ACC and can see the brake lights come on down steeper hills.
  8. Martinbanshee

    8V S3 Tuning Thread

    Everyone on Stage 2, 3 & 4 still running standard pistons?
  9. Martinbanshee

    8V S3 Tuning Thread

    Definitely, the extra power is very noticeable when you push it but it doesn’t spoil the character of the car. I had the same dilemma and wondered how much difference there would be but I’m very glad I did it and I definitely wouldn’t go back to stock even if I was offered a full refund. Might...
  10. Martinbanshee

    8V S3 Tuning Thread

    Car’s been great, no issues at all, runs as well as standard but with a nice bump in power. I always let it fully warm up before pushing it since it’s possibly more fragile now. I drive it steadily most of the time so I don’t expect any issues. I never did get round to doing the TCU software...
  11. Martinbanshee

    No answer from Audi!!!

    BEV: Battery Electric Vehicle PHEV: Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicle HEV: Hybrid Electric Vehicle All the big manufacturers are quickly ramping up for EVs, they’ve already bought supplies of battery resources and are building factories for mass production.
  12. Martinbanshee

    No answer from Audi!!!

    I’m keeping my S3 for another few years as it’s still a great car and now mine, then I’m going the BEV route. I won’t be doing PCP again either.
  13. Martinbanshee

    Wipers moving

    Yeah, normal, my S3 does it.
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    I remember those days too, he definitely knows his stuff and always stuck by his guns.
  15. Martinbanshee

    APR Stage 1 -

    S3 Saloon here, I did the APR Stage 1 map a few months ago and wish I did it sooner. The car is now much more fun and the launch control is nuts. It behaves so well when cruising through town at slow speeds you’d hardly know it’s mapped but now has the acceleration I expected when I bought the...
  16. Martinbanshee


    I've just had my thermostat and seals replaced on my 2014 S3 while it was in for a service and MOT, they noticed a bit of residue below the thermostat housing and recommended replacement so I've had it done before it gets worse. The dealer also gave me a bottle of coolant in case it burps more...
  17. Martinbanshee

    S3 Paddles

    Never heard of that fault before, strange one.
  18. Martinbanshee

    Exactly which wheel spacers should I buy?

    Narrow spacers are just drilled out flat plates so need longer bolts, wide spacers have threaded studs attached so just use standard bolts.
  19. Martinbanshee

    Rear Wiggle/Shimmy!! - Eibach Pro

    I’ve had this since new with my S3 Saloon with MagRide, surprised you’re still getting it with your new setup.
  20. Martinbanshee

    Auto dipping passenger mirror

    Pretty sure mine only goes from dipped to normal position after driving forward a bit. If I’m stationary after reversing the mirror stays dipped until I take the key out or drive forward.