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  1. auzzam_crd

    I’m off. Anyone else gone or thinking of going?

    Never experienced arrogance like it, sad really but I think eventually it will come back to haunt them.
  2. auzzam_crd

    Speed limit display

    Hey Byron, It's picked up from the camera behind your rear view mirror and/or the sat nav database. I slightly touch on it in the below video (although that's the driver assistance pack)
  3. auzzam_crd

    I’m off. Anyone else gone or thinking of going?

    Fair enough makes sense I guess. I've got a 2002 mx5 still on its original clutch and that gets a beating on the track lol. I guess to my point it was more around the level of electronics they keep putting into cars, the more complex you make something the more issues that will likely arise...
  4. auzzam_crd

    I’m off. Anyone else gone or thinking of going?

    And that's precisely why I love my 90s supra.. something raw and soulful about the older cars. Funny you mention the s5 situation, happened in my A3 it saw a parked car on the road and freaked the hell out fully slamming the brakes on. I feel now days they just build a car to last 3 years and...
  5. auzzam_crd

    I’m off. Anyone else gone or thinking of going?

    That's sadly it, you don't want to pay so much to only have to cross your fingers everytime you take the car on a drive. Glad you're enjoying the Benz!
  6. auzzam_crd

    Anyone hardwired a dashcam yet (with parking monitor feature)

    That's strange! Was there exposed metal behind that bolt for you?
  7. auzzam_crd

    Anyone hardwired a dashcam yet (with parking monitor feature)

    That worked for me, is it the same bolt shown in my video?
  8. auzzam_crd

    Rear reversing camera

    Fair point makes sense, my second car had more problems than the first (probably due to it having more recent updates). From what I remember you're fairly local to me right? In which case avoid Audi chingford! I would never go back to those guys.
  9. auzzam_crd

    I’m off. Anyone else gone or thinking of going?

    @AudiA3Newbie , completely understand where you're coming from bud. All I can say is when we sold the car we felt we would miss it / regret it. In reality not one bit, so much happier having uneventful drives now
  10. auzzam_crd

    Rear reversing camera

    Hey bud, have you got the latest software updates? The lag was supposed to have been addressed.
  11. auzzam_crd

    My A3 S-line

    Great job bro! Looks awesome - you're making me miss my Daytona grey :)
  12. auzzam_crd

    2022 Model Changes

    Wireless android auto is now standard
  13. auzzam_crd

    SOS Call malfunction contact workshop

    That's positive! Finally some written confirmation. Although I was told the fix was due in may, then June and then no fixed date. Do you mind if I share this with my YouTube viewerso? Might help out the 10,000 or people who have viewed my SOS video.
  14. auzzam_crd

    What to look out for when collecting your new A3/S3

    Hey bud, They never ended up fixing it and surprisingly told me to open the rear door and then close it. Surprisingly it closes just fine then! I never pushed it as I didn't want to take more time of work and we already had a replacement car on order by then (which by the way closed just...
  15. auzzam_crd

    Issues with the A3 tech

    Just reposting this for those new to the car and may have missed the workaround / fixes for the SOS and mmi reboots:
  16. auzzam_crd

    Unplugging S3 Exhaust Valves "Mod"

    For anyone wanting a sound comparison of before and after:
  17. auzzam_crd

    Software update campaigns

    They've probably cocked it up during the update and forgot to put the licenses back on. Frustratingly it will need to go back to them to do it. Maybe they can't follow the simple update instructions? (And yep it's happened to a few people so far)
  18. auzzam_crd

    Cup holder divider?

    Not missing anything other than the fold away semi circle bits. This shows you what the storage pack cupholders look like:
  19. auzzam_crd

    Considering a brand new S3 saloon...questions!

    If it's the same as the edition1 with the 19s, nothing to be worried about. You'll enjoy the reduced arch gap!
  20. auzzam_crd

    Audi Refuse Rejection Pt3

    Yep all they'll do is wash it and stick it back up for sale.. and hope the next guy won't complain