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  1. A12RNX

    JB4 for Audi S4 B9

    I had the JB4 and still do. I had the rev1 support is very good and the additional bump in power makes the car drive as it should. On map5 I was dyno at 441.6bhp and 517ft lbs of torque. much better than the DTUK box as people were having lots of problems with them. I also ran some good 1/4...
  2. A12RNX

    Sold Revo RV09 Gloss Black Wheel with MPS4S - x4

    Cb is centre bore. Offset is the wheel ET 8.5j is the width of the rim for your information. Unfortunately won’t fit mine but GLWS
  3. A12RNX

    Sold Revo RV09 Gloss Black Wheel with MPS4S - x4

    Do you have offset and cb size thanks.
  4. A12RNX

    ooh APR now avail

    There are quite a few people. SA tuning, DMS automotive, unicorn, EPL who also offer map switching if you have there cable.
  5. A12RNX

    ooh APR now avail

    I had a look and like some have said Awesome being HQ for APR in the UK are able to unlock the ECU. The price is £1600 in vat and the tune is cheaper in USA not sure why we got to pay a premium and 3000 in Australia is a joke.
  6. A12RNX

    ooh APR now avail

    Only problem is you need to unlock the ECU then it can be flashed by an APR dealer. I don’t fancy sending my ecu to America. the results the have aren’t that great IMO and I’m happy to keep my JB4 as people have used the full fat E85 tune and not got much better times on the 1/4 mile 0-60 and...
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    For Sale Audi 5x112 BBS genuine alloys set

    Pictures and tyre info would be great
  8. A12RNX

    Paint flake due to bad repair

    thanks for your reply. It’s not just some left over water. I will send an email this weekend. Thanks again
  9. A12RNX

    Paint flake due to bad repair

    Hi, looking for some advice / info. My girlfriends Q3 was being washed today by me when rinsing off with the jet wash only a little k2 Karcher I noticed some paint that has flakes off. We have had the car for 2 years end of April and have washed it ourselves 2 bucket method. you can see that...
  10. A12RNX

    MMI display trim removal

    Have you had problems with the sticky pad going before?
  11. A12RNX

    Driving in S mode & Dynamic

    the only part of stress I can see would be when stationary and holding the brakes it would wear more because it brings up the revs as though you are riding the clutch almost.
  12. A12RNX

    S4/S5 tuning EA839 engine

    What a lot of people in America have said the other restriction is the turbo inlet elbow which is restricting air flow into the turbo. Im currently running a Jb4 piggy back with front mount intercooler. Decat downpipe and panel filter. I also have WMI. I think I’m running around 480bhp got to go...
  13. A12RNX

    Service Due - Or Is It?

    you don’t have to have Audi do the services to keep warranty. As long as the garage you take it to use genuine parts you are fine. I’ve done all mine outside of Audi. Rip off merchants.
  14. A12RNX

    Service Due - Or Is It?

    An inspection service is normal oil and filter change. Then inspecting visually all the other stuff like tyres. Plugs. Air filters and scan the car to make sure everything is in working order. Almost like a mini MOT.
  15. A12RNX

    Recirc or atmospheric s4 b9

    I have the atmospheric from forge no decrease in performance from what I can tell. I have managed 0-60 in 3.45s and a 1/4 of 11.64s
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    349bhp and 354ps it’s the German equivalent of bhp 1ps equals .986 bhp.
  17. A12RNX

    TDI Remap

    Everything wears but as long as you maintain it properly you can’t prevent things from failing sooner. I always let it warm up before going over 2100rpm when boost kicks in.
  18. A12RNX

    TDI Remap

    The low down torque and throttle response is noticeable. Who is the company that would be doing it for you? I know some big companies like Revo offer a 14 day money back if it’s not to your satisfaction at some places.
  19. A12RNX

    TDI Remap

    I would say it is definitely worth it. I have a 2.0tdi A6 177bhp to 210bhp. Fuel didn’t improve by much. The reason for increased fuel efficiency is down to not having to floor it as much to get up to speed and the engine running smoother with less flat spots. Your clutch will be fine as long as...
  20. A12RNX

    2020 A4/S4 - Number Plate Drill vs Stick

    I would try and use a tiny bit of mitre glue. It hold in around 10 seconds and is pretty strong stuff won’t need much.