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  1. nluk100

    WANTED: OEM S3 Intake Duct

    Looking for one of these as mine has split. It's the bit that attaches to the front slam panel. PM me if you have one for sale, thanks
  2. nluk100

    Going to 19's - need to choose the correct tyres.

    OK, so the rubber on my current 18's is due for replacement and I've had a set of 19's (8.5 ET 42) waiting patiently in my garage - I'm torn between 225/35/19 and 225/40/19. I'm after comfort more than anything so leaning towards the 40 profile but I don't want any rubbing. Any advice?
  3. nluk100

    A3 Sportback rear bumper fitment

    Quick question .... is it possible to fit a facelift rear bumper (2010) to a pre-facelift car (2005)? Initial searching suggests you can but I'd appreciate anyones personal experience.
  4. nluk100

    Ride with 19's?

    I'm thinking of replacing my 18's (OEM speedlines on an S3 8P) with a set of 19" rotors (probably replicas). I currently have std suspension with H&R front springs. Has anyone done this? Is there any noticeable difference in ride quality as I find it fairly stiff / bumpy already (compared to...
  5. nluk100

    Finally got round to fitting my S3 footrest (with pic)

    Looks the business! Thanks to Gulfstream via ebay
  6. nluk100

    Sprint blue touch up stick?

    Noticed a small stonechip on the leading edge of the bonnet a few weeks ago so ordered a touch up stick from fleabay. When it turned up it was the wrong colour (more like denim blue), they sent me another one and it was the same! So now I'm looking for an OEM touch up stick - I've heard that...