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  1. xpoweruk

    I'm back :)

    Got myself a nice wee TTS (8J)
  2. xpoweruk

    Farewell Audi S4

    Sold the S4 today (expect it to be on a traders website soon ) The s4 has been a fantastic car,but I ended up wanting something even better on fuel. Car tax only £140 I should be picking up my new steed tomorrow. it's a 2014 Ford Fiesta St180 Pumaspeed Stage 3R tuned with uprated turbo pushing...
  3. xpoweruk

    ECS 3.0T Catch Can This looks like a good addition to help with any carbon build up
  4. xpoweruk

    General election is coming ????????

    Who will you vote for ?? I am in the Jeremy camp....................
  5. xpoweruk

    Insurance premiums 'set to soar' after compensation changes

    Marvellous news
  6. xpoweruk

    interesting wrap type product I got a couple of samples of the above as I thought it looked like an interesting product fro interior trims etc. The wrap is actually a material with an adhesive backing.It goes...
  7. xpoweruk

    Driver's seat uneven ?

    1 thing that I have always felt with the S4 seats is that I feel off center slightly in it. So I had a measure the other day & it seems that the driver's seat is lower at the centre console side by around 7-8mm. I think I will investigate further to see if I can adjust this somehow.
  8. xpoweruk

    Gotta love quattro :)

    Still gets amazing 0-60 even in the rain :)
  9. xpoweruk

    Gloss black trim service noticed this whilst browsing & thought it may be of use to some
  10. xpoweruk

    Forum view shrunk ??

    Has the layout/size changed ? When I visit now the the view is quite small on my laptop & doesnt fill the screen like it used to
  11. xpoweruk

    Metal clutch slave cylinder now available for 6MT :) is the part I thik Good news IMO as...
  12. xpoweruk

    A4/S4 wing vents ??

  13. xpoweruk

    S4 mysterious slow coolant loss found :)

    I have found 2 minuscule coolant leaks on the S4 rad return/overflow T pieces. No visible signs off coolant loss,but upon closer inspection I found pink residue/coolant on both of them. I suspect the T joints have gone a little brittle over time The area i am talking about is highlighted in red...
  14. xpoweruk

    Anybody else using Torque Pro?

    I just started using it after selling my P3Cars gauge. I have to say it is a pretty nifty piece of kit :) Here's a screen shot of my gauges
  15. xpoweruk

    Anyone for some super luxury matts ? £239 :sign wow:
  16. xpoweruk

    Exclusive S3 :)

  17. xpoweruk

    S4 supercharger cooling mods

    As you know forced induction = heated air = bad :) So to address this (without spending £1000+ on a ready made kit) I did the following I bought a 97-06 Jaguar XJR XKR uprated chargecooler radiator as the measurements were about perfect. Some hose,clamps,coolant etc The grand total for the...
  18. xpoweruk

    S4 Fluidampr

    May well be of interest to a few of us :)
  19. xpoweruk

    Dash cam saved my no claims

    Thank goodness for that. Went through a Green light & a mobility scooter was travelling across the road (cross roads) Thankfully nobody was hurt,just a trashed mobility scooter as it bounced off my rear wheel.(just a scratch on the wheel) Police at the time said not to worry as I was not to...