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  1. s3_kev

    Creation Motorsport Spacers

    Hi guys just been looking at the creation Motorsport spacers I've done some digging and seen the 10mm spacers fit the front hub on the 8p but do the 10mm's fit the rear hub? From memory the rear hub lip is slightly lager then the front if I'm correct? Cheers in advance
  2. s3_kev

    Ebay Honeycomb grill

    Evening guys and girls. Has anyone brought and fitted one of these Contemplating buying one just to try it seeing as it's cheap enough if it does look rubbish. Doesn't say if it's compatible though as A3 and S3 are differnt if...
  3. s3_kev

    Yawn! TB Exhaust and ITG intake but what about mapping?

    Hi guys, Right first off sorry your probably all bored to tears with these questions but I'm currently running stock everything ECU exhaust the lot, but the flexi pipe on my downpipe rattles and it annoys me so I've ordered a Milltek TB system. Now I also hate the stock air filter and engine...
  4. s3_kev

    S3 Slow starting issue

    Hi guys my 57 plate BHZ S3 seems to have a slight starting issue at times when its cold, its seems to have to crank over a little more before it fires, once its warm it goes almost at initial turn of the key. Also when its cold it doesn't run as smooth as when its warm it just feels a little...
  5. s3_kev

    ipod Interface problem

    Since owning my 2007 S3 with Concert stereo and ipod interface in the glove box I've had connection issues with the ipod to interface, so I just decided to remove the interface and have a gander at whats going on, I stripped the whole interface down and with the ipod connected to it whilst...
  6. s3_kev

    iPod and radio signal faults

    Hi guys I've only had my 8p s3 for a couple of weeks now and there's a few bits bugging me on the stereo side of things, 1st off is the radio signal being poor I've done some searching on this and reckon it might be the antenna at the rear screen, however I want to upgrade to RNS-E once funds...
  7. s3_kev

    suspension choices

    what's the preferred suspension setup on the s3? I'm looking at making my s3 OEM+ so don't want to go crazy with it just lower a little with some wheel spacers to get it sitting nice, but can't decide over Springs, Shocks and Springs or maybe Coilovers. I'm assuming this topic has been started...
  8. s3_kev

    Few Questions Before I Buy An 8P S3

    Alright guys, I've recently just sold my old 8L S3 and I'm now on the hunt for an 8P replacement, thing is looking through the ads there's lots with out the SatNav/DVD headunits and the Flat bottom steering wheels, I'm guessing both of these can be sourced and retrofitted with relative ease...
  9. s3_kev

    Help I keep thinking of selling!!

    Guys i keep thinking of selling my S3 not sure I could go through with it at the end of the day though lol, thing is at the moment all my money is going on my house so the funds from the car would be really good at the moment then buy a nice replacement once the house is sorted :) but at the...
  10. s3_kev

    Fast Car Feature :)

    following on from my Golf+ Feature here for those who have'nt seen that one yet, is my Fast Car Feature with the revised engine bay and wheels and the carisma retrim. enjoy :)
  11. s3_kev

    EURO S3 PT3 the final chapter

    following on from part 1 and part 2 Well after a good few years and getting involved with the vw show scene i have now completed the look i have...
  12. s3_kev

    Spring Fest??

    anyone planning on going to gti spring fest this year???
  13. s3_kev

    what would you pay for........

    a 99 s3 thats had a new engine,turbo manifold, cambelt and water pump change. recent clutch flywheel and gearbox rebuild. only problem is its cat c.... i have been looking an cant find an s3 for less then 3k
  14. s3_kev

    Another 3inch TIP test

    This little mod really does work :wub: i havent driven the car for over 7 weeks so saying how it fairs to before is really hard for me as its a hell of a lot quicker then my 2nd car a 1.3 honda civic eg hahaha but never lies :ninja: and so i have been doing some logs i have consistant...
  15. s3_kev

    Golf+ Feature

    just to let those of you who were interested my golf+ feature is out in the shops as of today :)
  16. s3_kev

    "best s3 in the country"

    just been browsing ebay as you do and come across a freinds old 8l s3, so had a little read of the sales pitch and noticed it had been voted "best s3 in the country" have we ever had a vote on the best s3 on the site/country before?? 2001/Y Audi A3 S3 Quattro 3dr 225 SHOW CAR PETROL on eBay...
  17. s3_kev

    Top Company

    Just got off the phone to Sky Insurance, after recently buying a honda civic for day to day running around as the Audi is becoming far to nice to use daily in these wintery conditions. Great service and very competetive, My current insurer Adrian Flux could'nt touch there prices on the civic but...
  18. s3_kev

    space saver clearance

    has anyone ever tried to fit there space saver on with the brembo brakes up front?? i have the 323mm 4 pot brembos and rather then mess around taking the wheel off and trying it myself thought id be super lazy and ask if anyone else has tried before :p cheers
  19. s3_kev

    My mini feature before the Golf+ mag

    just thought id share my recent internet feature with you guys, also its going into the golf+ magazine in a few months pics have all been taken ready were just waiting for the editior to tell us when he wants it!
  20. s3_kev

    Water methanol injection

    Anyone running water meth??? im really thinking of doing it want as much from the std turbo as i can and also want to keep things cool. can you run it off the washer bottle i have read about washer fluid which has meth in it? if so that will work? if not can you use water and mix it with meth...