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  1. Lawrence7

    Anyone feel a bit "meh" with their S5 or is it just me?

    I've owned my S5 for just over 6 months now and after a lot of thinking recently it could possibly be one of my least favourite cars I have owned so far! It doesn't feel thrilling or fun in comparison to my previous car (S3 8V). The one thing I miss is the S-Tronic box, didn't appreciate the...
  2. Lawrence7

    iPod Connectivity

    Just wanted to put some feelers out here... Had my S5 for about 2 months now and still absolutely loving it, however I can't seem to get my iPod working with it. I have an iPod classic and a nano 2nd edition. Both of them worked in my 2015 S3 using the proper AMI cable. I was told it was a...