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  1. TomSx

    Refurb or replace. What do you think..

    We have a new "The Wheel specialist" open 5 minutes from my work which has put me in a! Now, I was thinking of downsizing to 18's. Bought some genuine BBS RS11's, fitted them and didn't like them. I thought they looked too small. Which has led me on to the hunt of other 19's...
  2. TomSx

    Downpipe gasket

    I plan on removing my precat this weekend and thinking I should get the gasket to be sure. Is the K03 and K04 the same gasket and does anyone know the part number?
  3. TomSx

    Reasonable price for C/C retrofit?

    I'm in the Bristol area and contacted a local company yesterday which specialises in retrofits apparently. They quoted me £330? Is that reasonable? I can see the kits for considerably less but sadly wouldn't have the skills to do it myself.
  4. TomSx

    My 2.0T Quattro. Pics inside

    Been a busy couple of weeks. I've managed to tweak the suspension a touch, black grill, debadge and MY11 rear lights. I also modified a S2000 K&N filter on to my ramair pipework. IMO it's transformed how the car looks as I managed to clean it the weekend I got some pics. 20150327_170647 by...
  5. TomSx

    Have i bought MY09 or MY11 lights?

    Just saw these on ebay and bought them. Are they MY09 or 11?
  6. TomSx

    Played with Plastidip on my grill..

    FYI it's awesome stuff. The first time I have got to use it and I love! Really easy to use and more importantly in my case, remove. Before IMG_20140927_115512 by tomwh1te, on Flickr 20150215_154521 by tomwh1te, on Flickr After 20150315_142854 by tomwh1te, on Flickr...
  7. TomSx

    ET43 8J 18's. Just how bad will they rub?

    I've read 45 is the lowest offset which should be used But I know of some lovely wheels which are 43. Would I get away with them? The problem is my car is quite low but I could put 225 35's on them.
  8. TomSx

    S3 rear diffuser on a S-Line

    Firstly I apologise for the thread as I appreciate it's a fairly common question but cannot find a definitive answer. What do I need? i.e. part numbers. I have this rear bumper which I believe is the right one? IMG_20140924_122346 by tomwh1te, on Flickr Also, does it look odd without side...
  9. TomSx

    Whistling like a kettle after CAI

    Right, fitted my CAI and between 3-5k I get an annoying whistle like a kettle. Now I've put a full new set of jubilee's on it, double checked everything which I can only think leaves the maf? It sits in tight and I've also put some silicone around the outside, but still i'm getting the noise...
  10. TomSx

    TFSI induction kits worthwhile?

    Well, I've just ordered a Ram Air kit anyway. This kit to be precise - Now my car is just a A3 2.0T Quattro so only on the baby K03. It's been mapped by AMD, has a Milltek system etc...
  11. TomSx

    Replacing radio signal amplifier

    My radio signal is terrible and I think I have a faulty signal booster and it has evidence of being soaked in screen wash at some point. So I have another coming in the post. Now all the connectors are easy to remove apart from I am a little unsure about the main three with the red tabs? Any...
  12. TomSx

    Single to double din conversion

    Is there any guides on here? Trying to find our what's actually required to fit a double din in my 8p2. Does anyone sell a conversion or am I best looking for a car being broken?
  13. TomSx

    Rear wiper, remove or replace?

    Seems mine has just died and being a 2006 model I read is common. Now, whats peoples views on replace or remove? To be honest I tend not to use it as it makes the car dirty but it does come in handy at times. If I get a second hand one is it specific to the A3 or do any other vags share the...
  14. TomSx

    How much oil does a TFSI hold?

    I did ask in the oil thread on the 7/10 before anyone says there's a thread for oil.. Does anyone know how many litres of oil a BWA TFSi holds? Need to get some ordered for a fresh change.
  15. TomSx

    Terrible radio reception

    I believe this is quite common on these? Would fitting a amplified aerial thingy help? One of these - Which leads me to my next question, is there a live I can use behind the standard head unit? I had a quick check with a live tester and couldn't find anything?
  16. TomSx

    Cheap TFSI intakes..

    Like so - Is there any reason why to pay silly money for one? I also have a nice S2000 K&N sat here which I could use...
  17. TomSx

    first time using poorboys black hole

    Came out well bearing in mind it was done by hand. :) IMG_20140927_115442 by tomwh1te, on Flickr IMG_20140927_115449 by tomwh1te, on Flickr IMG_20140927_115512 by tomwh1te, on Flickr IMG_20140927_115534 by tomwh1te, on Flickr I'd recommend this stuff to anyone with a dark car.
  18. TomSx

    Ipod cable stopped working? Audi Concert

    Weird one. Out of the blue my OEM ipod cable via my concert stereo has stopped working? It's always been fine. Shown the Audi logo etc. Today I'm not getting anything from it? Is it likely to have come loose or something? Wouldn't normally mind but this leads me to another problem. I get...
  19. TomSx

    Cheapest Way To Facelift Rear Lights?

    I've seen Magneti Marelli ones for around £60.00 each? Anyone have any experience with them? How much are they from Audi?
  20. TomSx

    Gearbox Failure? Quattro Tfsi

    My car has started making a faint knocking. It sounds mettalic between 1k-3k revs but then goes. Doesn't do it on idle or in 5th or 6th strangely. I've just had it checked out and they've said suspected layshaft and not dmf. Now, is this common? Its just turned 100k. Also, how can I find my...