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  1. AS3TOM

    North West Audi's?

    Just a quick post to see how many people we have on here in the north west. as i think we should arrange a regular meet during the spring/summer months :blackrs4::yellowrs4::greyrs4::redrs4: seeing as tho the weather is getting better and the cars seem to be staying clean a lot longer!?
  2. AS3TOM

    Jacking Points!

    Hiya guys, just wondering if one of you knowledgable lot can help me out here. I need to take the wheels of but i'm scratching my head a bit as to where the best place to jack the car up is on each corner?:search: Dont want to risk causing any damage, so if ya can shed some light on this for...
  3. AS3TOM

    HID facelift headlights

    just wondering how you can distinguish HID facelift and standard facelift headlights just by looking at them?:tocktock:
  4. AS3TOM

    My S3 - Please take a look!

    Hey guys well thought its about time i put some pictures up of my S3. Had it just over a month now. Its pretty much standard. Bought it with FSH, all the keys, endless amount of reciepts, 63k on the clock. body work is in great condition with no dints or scratches anywhere. just a few stone...