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    Changing brake pads

    I thinking of putting some greenstuff pads front and rear on my a4 2001 B6. Any how to's on this or tips? Should I bleed each brake etc and then top up fluid after changing them? Don't want to be forcing calipers etc, want it to work properly first time. Another question, will the monitoring...
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    Uploading photos....

    Am I doing something wrong here? keep getting this message, any help appreciated! "g:\im\mogrify.exe" -size 100x75 -quality 70 -geometry 100x75 I:/webs/
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    Me again.. (lol, I'm a pest) Does ANYONE have their car lowered on Eibach Pro springs with stock dampers and have pics / stories? Look any good with 5 spoke 17" wheels? (factory fits) worth £140? Any help and especially pics of A4's with the Eibach pro spring kit on would be niiice. Cheers
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    Rear boot lid spoiler

    Morning chaps. Does anyone know where I can buy an original rear spolier on the cheap? Readies waiting.
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    Just had rear brake pads changed at Audi... £133... Everything fine. 3 Days later and the car keeps BEEPING at me, with the Brake Pad symbol... front pads are good, any ideas?
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    What the heck...

    The guy I bought my car off kindly agreed to cough up for some rear pads. Why on gods green earth would it cost £133 all in for 4 bits of stopping material??? £22 for pads.. is that each pad or for the set?? The missus is gonna sh!t a brick when it comes to the fronts.
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    Weird driving feeling...

    OK this is going to sound random... Anyone else get a strange feeling that their car is just going anywhere on the road of it's own accord? Would this have anything to do with tracking? Also, every now and again, there's a slight clunk from rear at low speed, may be a sloshing from the tank...
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    Aluminium Window Trim

    Does anybody know how much this costs for both sides of the car and where I can get it from / how easy to fit? Cheers
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    Off the top of your head...

    How much is a new key fob? The main key is becoming a bit worn now and looks tatty
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    Where can I buy

    A GMBH bodykit for a B6 2001 (51 plate) Sport 1.9TDi? Cheers lads / lasses
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    How can I tell?

    Hi all, forgive my stupidness... If my Audi (collecting her on Friday) has DIS? If it shows the Radio station inbetween the tachometer and rev gauge, do I have DIS? My belief is that DIS isn't present, if it only shows Radio Station on Concert (CD player) Cheers