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    Such a thing as a decent TT for £4k?

    The wife wants a TT, put its only for a year, if that, before family cars come along. Just the older shape for around 4 or 5k, but more like 4k. I know there all gonna have 100k on the clock, but is there any decent ones about or are they all hammered?
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    oh no, car has started to rumble when accelerating?!?! what can it be?

    Just went to tatton park, fine. Had a walk then back to the car and started up. The idle was really lumpy though, and when i pulled off it just hesitated really bad, rumbling and engine light flashed for a while then went off. I had to slowly accelerated to get up to speed on motorway and so on...
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    Should this pipe be hot?

    It comes off the breather then goes back into the turbo intake (i think). Problem is, its gets really hot, you cant touch it once the engines up at temp. Surely the turbo is sucking in red hot gasses??
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    Where is the EGR valve on the 1.8T?

    I think its called something else, but where is it situated? So i can take it out and clean it.
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    How much would it cost to replace a torque converter?

    I get a strange drone/hum and doing a bit of research, its could be the torque converter. How much would it cost to be replaced?
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    Can someone identify these photos from my engine?

    Whats this? and the metal bit underneath it, sorry bad picture.
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    What does BEX mean on the engine?

    What does that code stand for?
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    How tough are the tiptronic box's?

    You read losts about the multitronic box not being very good, or prone to faults, but how good is the older tiptronic box? Is the same box they use across the range of engines?
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    Which model has the best Quattro system?

    I know the A3 and A4 have different systems, not sure about the other models, but which is the best?
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    Anyone have problems opening there boot?

    Whilst i had the boot in bits , I discovered my problem. From the video the motor (this attach's to the boot lock) works for a few goes, each time getting worse and then eventually wont work at all. If i leave it for a while then it starting working again. Anyone else have a similar problem...
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    What are you drinking right now? ......a nice Laphroaig 10yr old. A few more and i will be :w00t:
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    Anyone taken the boot on an avant apart?

    Tomorrows job is to try sort out my faulty boot switch and also try and sort out the rear screen wash. So is it easy enough to strip the tail gate apart?
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    How do you bleed the air out of the cooling system?

    Think i have an air lock in my system, but anyway at the weekend I'm going to try and blast my heater matrix clean with the garden hose pipe and then top the system up and bleed. I had a little go last night, not sure if i done it correct though. I took the cap off the cooling water tank...
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    Heating doesn't seem to be working correctly - advice?

    Not sure if this is a coincidence but just after i changed my battery the internal heating seems to be slow to heat up. On auto and set a 22C it will take a while (till engine warms up) and then the blowers will start to blow cool-warm air out. Not warm enough to heat the car. If i increase...
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    Can you change the battery without losing the radio?

    I havent got my radio code and look like my battery is on its way (struggled this morning). I was thinking of leaving the battery charger connected whilst i swap batteries?
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    Cheap VAG-COM ebay leads?

    like this: will it do the job of reading fault codes from my car?
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    How do you drive your Automatic in the snow/ice?

    This is the first winter i've owned an automatic. What the best way to drive? I was thinking sport so you use the gears more? or just manual? At least its a quattro automatic! :)
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    Petrol flap not locking

    My petrol flap never locks so is freely open for someone to suck a load of petrol out of! Last time i had the boot in bits a noticed what looked like a solenoid that pushed a pin across to lock the flap. Is it repairable?
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    Help with avant rear screen washer.

    Was pulled up on a recent service. The rear screen washer on my car isnt working. I can hear the motor when i push the stalk in so that fine. So must be tube come off somewhere or a blockage. Anyone know the route or got any tips? Thanks
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    163bhp quattro or 190bhp 2W?

    I think I'm getting bored of my car already, whether because its an auto and so un-involving or just not enough power (coming from a 280bhp vxr). Would people favour a underpowered quattro over a higher powered 2 wheel version of the avant? Suppose the other option is to simply map mine, but...