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  1. Chris71

    TT lowering springs

    It's a coupe ,Quattro
  2. Chris71

    TT lowering springs

    Hi Damian I want to lower my 2009 TT 2.0tdi with a set of lowering springs and don't want to compromise on ride quality.Can you tell me what you would recommend I fit with prices delivered to N Wales CH5 please Regards Chris
  3. Chris71

    OMG wheel spacers are so expensive!

    Im interested pm me a price please
  4. Chris71

    just got her back with 15% rear and back tints.

    Very nice mate who did em for you and how much ££££ I'm not too far from you so could pop over if you had em done local
  5. Chris71

    Aftermarket Parking Sensor reverse light feed question

    cheers dave,where did you get your paint from and was it in a spray can also did you have to remove your bumper
  6. Chris71

    Aftermarket Parking Sensor reverse light feed question

    any pics of em fitted and what do you get in the kit,i wouldnt mind fitting these
  7. Chris71

    Led drl xenon headlight

    Hi all could someone tell me what ballast i would need for the new type 2009> led drl xenon headlight please,part number would be great and about how much these cost and if anyone has 1 for sale thanx
  8. Chris71

    1.9tdi keeps cutting out!

    That doesnt sound right maybe its the map mate???
  9. Chris71

    1.9tdi keeps cutting out!

    mate its just cause its 1.9 tdi in a mid range gear doing low revs they arnt great and will cut out its not the car misbehaving its your driving habits its happened to me a few times they need revs thats why a map is on the cards for me very soon
  10. Chris71

    New toys fitted at bargain prices!

    You did well there mate i've been keeping an eye open for a cheap rnse but never seem to fall on any that cheap it was a steal and i want some s3 pedals well done
  11. Chris71

    They see me rollin', they hatin...... the new S3 BE

    stunning motor warren excellent choice,that paintwork looks fit,i love black cars, i had a black TT was a ***** to keep clean but was worth the extra effort to keep it clean
  12. Chris71

    My 1.9TDI Project

    lowering springs or coilys (depends on your budget),S LINE boot spoiler,wheel spacers,remap,wheels:thumbsup:
  13. Chris71

    Exhaust tips dont fit S-Line??

    Best to give your local audi a call and give em the part number for price but they definately exist mate they are the ones on mine. Think you would be looking at around the £60 mark for the pair
  14. Chris71

    Exhaust tips dont fit S-Line??

    hi mate mines a 58 plate s line with the original audi chrome tips and ive just pulled one off and the part number is stamped into it -8PO 253 825 Hope that helps
  15. Chris71

    Ordered Some Non-LED Super White Bulbs For A3/S3 2010+ Number Plate Lights

    Nice find Paula need some pics as soon as they're fitted,need my yellow ones gone :thumbsup:
  16. Chris71

    New Arrival (incl pics) & some questions

    Looking good mate,I lowered mine with the eibachs and I'm well pleased with the results sits perfect for me and hasn't lost any ride comfort at all so good choice there dude
  17. Chris71

    Touch-up paint prices??

    Brilliant red from cheshire oaks audi = £7.09 INC VAT