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  1. 1wheelonly

    Upgraded my mfsw to later style

    Had a few wheels in my TT now, s-line, ttrs, alcantara r8, rs5 and now this
  2. 1wheelonly

    CH / LH lighting help

    Got a mk2 TT and I've been searching around for the mod to add this to my car Done it in my old a4 cab but due to the later CE module it's no longer the same Trying to add the function without the sensor or auto switch Got it all activated with timers etc in the DIS now and have the function...
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    Audi concept rc

    Anyone out there into rc ? I've been into 1/5th scale for a couple of years now A company has released an audi body for the model I run and thought it would be a good place to post a pic of it and find anyone else into 1/5th Here's the bodyshell Here's a couple of pis just to give you an...
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    Back again

    Hi everyone, used to be a regular on here a few years ago. just bought the wife a 2.0 tdi Quattro TT so thought id say hi Be interested to see who's still about from when I was last on Looking forward to modding / retro fitting a few bits too
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    Had the all clear !!!

    Hi to everyone, not been on here for a very long time I've been battling illness Got diagnosed with the big " C " last year Been in and out of hospital non stop Just had the all clear but still have to go back now and then for tests and check ups Been a very rough time, it takes you and...
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    washer fault

    hi all, not been on for a while, maybe someone could help me out here. my brother in law has bought an 06 plate vw eos, it has a fault that there is no washers on front windscreen. heres the scan Address 09: Cent. Elect. Labels: 3C0-937-049-23-H.lbl Control Module Part...
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    YouTube - ** Amazing Race FAIL** - Woman ** HIGHSPEED ** slingshot face smack !!!
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    as in the title, im leaving the forum, the cab is no more, will be getting another audi shortly but hopefully it will be already kitted out , therefore no mods to do to it ,lmfao, hopefully. just a goodbye to everyone on here who i have met and everyone that has helped out with stuff, some...
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    as the title says, congratulations to nige and marta on becoming the proud parents of a baby girl issabella there over in italy as most who know him will know, but he signs in regularly so im sure he will delighted to read some nice warm welcomes to his new little daughter . mother and baby...
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    A bloke goes to the local council to apply for a job in the office. The interviewer asks him, "Are you allergic to anything?" He replies, "Yes, caffeine." "Have you ever worked for t! he public service before?" "Yes, I was in the army." he says, "I was in Iraq for two tours."...
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    why was a thread i was involved in locked ????

    why was a thread i was involved in locked and no explanation/reason given ??????????
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    Washed The Dog Today !!!!

    is it a labrador thing or is mine just a ****** idiot ???
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    Honest Opinions Please......

    thought id post here too, as i know alot more of you guys have the multi wheels
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    Honest Opinions Please......

    been thinking of this little mod for a long while now, but now ive done it im not sure if i like it or not. as you can see from the pics, ive changed the colour of the roller wheels in my multi function wheel. i must admit the pics dont do them any favours at all as your not getting a good...
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    thought id open a thread for general conversation and views for a change, so......whats everyones 1 favourite mod, why and what did it cost. ill start, mine would really have to be the rns-e, as this is something that is used all the time, by the whole family, completes the look of the...
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    Public Liability ???????????

    can anyone recomend a good company that can provied me a comptative quote for public liability for £10 million for a limited company. £5m seems to be no problem but im struggling to get £10m which is what is required by the company im contracting too. any help/advise would be great.
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    Reverse Camera

    I know its been done before, but i installed my reverse camera today, all wired in and auto switching as it should, very please with the picture quality. heres a quick pic to show you how neat the camera is. obviously the angle of the pic is so you can see it all but from the rear of the car at...
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    Memory Foam Mattress - Lost My Sexual Rhythm

    i have just purchased a new memory foam matress. after spending many an hour being dragged around shops, lying on beds fully clothed next to complete starngers, we finally have one. we finally got our new kingsize purchase up the stairs and fully fitted out with all new bedding,whilst helping...
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    time to upgrade in next couple of months and was curious to know peoples views on the car and spec...... im not easily offended so fill ya boots !
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    SDS problems

    first of all, im posting this here as the sds mod seams to be a more popular mod within the 8p section than anywhere else. how many times are people pressing the voice activation button to begin sds ? i have been having to press mine twice and without the beep, just instruction on the dis to...