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    Upgrading to facelift rear light. Is it just plug and play?

    Hi there, I friend of mine has a Q5 with the old led tail light and we want to upgrade to the new facelift ones. Do you know if it's only plug and play? In some forums I read that an adaptor is necessary...
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    Replacing The Bose Subwoofer On My A3

    Hi there! Last week I replaced the Bose subwoofer for a *real* one :D I knew that bass was the weak point of this system. I've used a high quality custom made enclosure by RadioWorld (UK) and installed a Sundown SD-8 sub and a SAE-600D from the same manufacturer. The result is awesome. I have...
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    A3 8V Air vents retrofit

    Hi! Has anyone tried to get these into a 8P A3? I bet they fit! =)
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    Too much torque for my DSG? Remapped A3 from Spain

    Hi everybody! I post from Spain, so please, forgive me for my terrible English I own a 2.0TDI 140bhp that has been remapped yesterday by Upsolute. My main concern is related to DSG and its capability of handle more than (officially) 350nm (the same figure of torque reached on 2.0TDI 170bhp)...