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    DTUK vs TDI-Tuning Box on A3 184 TDI

    All, I am considering a tuning box for my A3 SLine 184. Nailed it down to two boxes, either the DTUK or TDI-Tuning? Do any of you have experience of either? I am unable to have a remap as it is a company lease car hence to why I want a box that I can take on and off and not have any issues...
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    Carbon Fibre Rear Spoiler A3 Saloon

    Hi, Has anyone fitted a Carbon Fibre rear spoiler to their A3 saloon and if so which one did you fit and are you happy with it? I am looking at one for my A3 S Line Saloon which I have ordered this week in white with privacy glass so considering a carbon rear spoiler in order to set off the...
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    Super Sports Seats

    Just trying to finalise the spec on my A3 S Line Saloon, can anyone advise me if the Supersports seats are worth having. This car will be a company car where I will do 20,000 - 30,0000 per year so I want comfort for sure. Cheers
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    Audi 10 Speaker System vs Bang and Olufsen System

    Can anyone advise whether the Bang & Olufsen is worth the extra £500 when compared to the Audi 10 speaker system that is a £250 optional extra? Cheers
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    A3 S Line Saloon 18" or 19" Wheels????

    Hi all, I am specifying my A3 S Line Saloon for my new company car after driving one for the last 3 days. Undecided though on whether to stay with the std 18" rims with S Line suspension or go for the 19" and delete the S Line suspension. Love the look of the 19" but fear that the ride may...