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    Paint Protection for New A3

    Youre kidding yourself with sealants & waxes to be honest. They'll never do the job and dont last for a significant duration. If you want the real deal then go for this Feature: SunTek Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra) - YouTube or XPel Ultimate
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    Take a look at this one!

    What dyou think: Used Audi Exclusive RS 5 for sale - PistonHeads (Ref 1200508) Currently the cheapest 5 in the country. It's tempting but i dont know whether i could live imola, not to mention how limited it is for resale
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    Take a look at this one!

    Check this one out, what an awesoome colour
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    Free detail anyone?!?

    Danny boy you have a PM. A4 Majik you're up next if Danny boy cancels
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    Free detail anyone?!?

    Fair point, ill check and post back. They did the intial detail on the RS and took out all the marks so I dont think it will be to that same degree.
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    My RS4 Avant!!

    You have a PM!
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    Free detail anyone?!?

    Im moving to SA so I sold up & said goodbye to the RS4. The 4 was under contract so Im due a detail in Feb (already been paid), so if anyone's interested in a free detail send me a PM. I think it should be OK if it's the same size/smaller car but you'll prob have to add a bit for something...
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    My RS4 Avant!!

    I don't think that's the same one mate. There's is defo not open at the top, but completely closed in & the pumps different
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    My RS4 Avant!!

    Got their promo email, so I thought Id post on here. They're doing some 15% discount thingy soon during the Olympics. Every little helps as they say
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    Paint shop, West Midlands

    I've heard Sprint Autos in Yardley Wood are pretty good
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    My RS4 Avant!!

    I agree. I'm a bit finnicky about detailers as there are soooo many out there that claim to be Pro's. But as with bodyshops if you find a gem they're well worth it. I think more than anything they have the facilities to produce great results, I dunno anywhere else like that. Lol...
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    My RS4 Avant!!

    Lol, nooo. I just don't get to drive her that often anymore, but things are fluid & I might end up keeping her
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    My RS4 Avant!!

    Thanks everyone, the turnaround was outstanding. Shame I might have to let her go :sadlike: Onwards & upwards i guess No idea mate
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    My RS4 Avant!!

    Done by the guys at Drayke Fields, who were v professional & I can recommend if you're in and around Birmingham. I thought I'd post this in here to whet peoples appetite's as it incresingly likely I'll be getting rid of my car in the...
  15. Audi RS4 Avant

    Audi RS4 Avant

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    2.0T sline Avant Special Editions Quattro tyre choice?

    I've been debating this tyre conundrum myself. Im not impressed with the factory fitted Contis. If they did one of: a) outstanding road holding or b) supa-durable (upwards of 15k Im talking), Id have forgiven 'em. In my experience they do neither. As a result, Ive been looking at the...
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    Nice work there John! I really love the look you get with Blackfires on darker colours :icon_thumright:
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    Clay Bar Guide

    Awesome write-up dude, some really useful info in there especially if you're a novice (like myself!). Whilst we're on the topic, what's your thoughts on claying outside? I only ask b'cos I've got no access to a garage/indoor area. Cheers,
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    Worn Alcantatra trim on Spec ED.2.0T Q

    Mines worn too. Question I'd like answered is how easy is it to replace? I always assumed the head was removable?
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    Polished Bliss: Show Car Prep for Ultimate Dubs...

    Ill 2nd that. Really good shot! PS. Clark, keep up the good work. These write-ups, tracking the progress from start to finish are awesome.