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    My New Car

    Hi there, Just part exchanged my 53 plate A3 for a 57 plate s-line 170 bhp A3 :D, will post some pics soon. However, I was wondering if anyone knows were to get an aftermarket audi MMI and sat nav fitted, and the costs? Thanks
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    Sony XAV-60 DVD problem

    Hi, I have just installed a Sony XAV-60 double din receiver into my audi a3. I bought this on eBay from America, thinking that changing the dvd region should not be too hard (as normally you are allowed to change the dvd region code like once or twice). However, I have no idea now how to...
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    Head Unit Help

    Hi there, I am installing a new head unit in my A3 and its got an direct control Ipod connecter, which is ment to go into the glove box, through the back on the headunit. Does anyone know how to run the wire into the back of the glove box from the head unit, or take the glove box out? Thanks
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    Double DIN System Help!

    Hi there, I have got a 53 plate Audi A3, I want to put a double din system into the car, but I don't know which one to go for. Any recommendations? I have seen this one, but I don't know how reliable and good it is...
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    Stereo Help

    Hi, I am thinking of putting a double DIN Kenwood or Pioneer system into my Audi A3, but does anyone know if it will fit? And is it a matter of a straight swap or do I have to change the face plates etc? Thanks
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    Headlight Upgrade Help

    Hi there, I have just bought a 53plate Audi A3 2.0l TDI Sport, it is the new shape. I want to put the new black edition headlights with the daytime running LED's on the car. First of all I want to know if it is possible and secondly if anyone knows where I can get hold of the headlights? Thanks