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    2009 S3 - LED running lights - flashing ! Fault ?

    thanks for the replies, good point about the CCTV .... it was also that a driver was continually flicking his indicators left/right as I followed him the other day and after seeing the CCTV got me thinking. I have taken to checking the lights each time before I switch off now. Nothing worse...
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    2009 S3 - LED running lights - flashing ! Fault ?

    Hi, noticed when checking my CCTV that when I drove onto my drive the other day my LED Running Light on drivers side was flashing... I went out and put ignition on, started the car - seemed fine. Wondered if this was happening the other day when a driver in front was constantly triggering his...
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    S3 low speed Brake Squeal (2011)

    Had this on my 09 plate - genuine pads, it was very annoying and embarrassing..... I had read somewhere that the squeal was normal due to the composition of the high performance pads being harder materials (not sure if this is true). I was lucky enough that they needed changing at the end of...
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    ECU reset??

    Also, doing a clear DTC's with VagCom will apparently clear the adaptations, even if there are no error codes. I can vouch for there being a fresher feel to the car after doing this, I used to disconnect the battery too on previous S3.
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    air filter

    Filter - pipercross from demon tweeks is good. About £35
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    S3 Shudder / Loss of Power

    Yep - maybe try new plugs first. If your car has been in for work it wiould have had battery disconnected, resetting the ECU settings which would initially make the car feel more lively until it learns driving style - so maybe its got a little bit more power and the plugs are struggling,
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    Flat Spots in Map (intermittent)

    I'd say try plugs. I had a misfire recently, caught it on vagcom, swapped coil packs about and no error but still a stutter. Decided to change plugs before coil pack and it did the job. Audi OEM's are a different plug model now apparently too. Got a pipercross filter on mine (stage 1) - decided...
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    Changed the plugs today

    PS - originally I did see an error on Cyl 4 misfire. After moving the coilpack from 4 to 1 I couldnt replicate the error but the stutter was still there. Thats what made me worry it was coils but the new plugs seemed to resolve - unless there is a deeper underlying issue which is being...
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    Changed the plugs today

    Interesting this, I started getting a misfire under full load recently. Wondered if it was coil packs but I'm on latest revision of those. I had earlier in the year replaced plugs with IK24's which cured a previous stuttering problem so wasnt expecting new plugs to make a difference. Decided to...
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    sd memory card for rns unit s3 2007

    Yep - I got 2x2Gb SD cards and use MediaMonkey to sync my music and playlists to them - works a treat
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    Remap Help

    Bluefin may be your best bet, easily removed and puts car back to stock. Revo puts back a revo-version of a stock map and I think fiddles with the flash counter - which Bluefin doesnt. I'm near Chester, I've used Awesome GTI and Dubsport in the past. You could also try QR Sport in Tatenhall -...
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    Underwhelmed with Bluefin

    PS - as for MPG - its never been good, cant say its any better with Bluefin but then again I enjoy booting the car more
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    Underwhelmed with Bluefin

    I've had Bluefin on my last two S3's - I was doubting it on the last car but kept the unit for the new S3. Both cars have needed a new clutch - so I guess even though it doesnt feel as aggresive as Revo (which I had on a S3 8L previously) it must be pushing some power to damage the clutch. I've...
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    VCDS Block 120 Logs on the S3 after Bluefin

    PS - Terry - how do you find the Bluefin ? I'm half considering putting Milltek on and going for Stage 2
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    VCDS Block 120 Logs on the S3 after Bluefin

    I agree, I did this ages ago too and got some odd results. I had also read somewhere that the value logged is not reliable once remapped.
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    Performance Issues - Car Checks Out Ok, Paranoid Or Not?

    If you've got Vag-Com, try doing a reset DTC's - even though there are no codes this (apparently) will clear out any of the ECU Learning. I find this sometimes livens the car up a bit. Just like the old 8L S3, disconnecting the battery for half an hour then reconnecting will also reset the ECU...
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    Remap, then Stage 2 - back to standard ?

    Hi all, so how many have gone to stage 2 then put back to standard for part ex ? On my last 3 S3's i've had them remapped to stage 1 - revo first , bluefin on the last two. Would love to feel how much the Stage 2 would feel, thinking of doing the exhaust mods and keeping the original...
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    ECU Adaptation/Learning

    the ECU learning has bugged me on my last 3 S3's. I did find that using Vag-Com to do a DTC Reset (even when there isnt any DTC's) seems to clear some of whats been learnt and makes the car feel a bit more spritely again. Not sure if thats the same as unloading then reloading the bluefin which...
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    S3 Clutch Slip Poll

    In my case, it was the DMF that had gone on a 2007 - one of the first with Stage 1 - Bluefin not the clutch itself apparently.
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    optional roof rails or not?

    I've not long moved to a S3 Sportback from a 3dr S3, I think the roof rails look great - makes the car look bigger in a way. Not to mention that practically I'm also thinking of getting some roof bars to carry the mountain bikes which will fit nicely.