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  1. cam87

    wheel weight and vehicle load rating

    hi guys, i have a question for a wheel guru. I think i already know the answer but just want confirmation really. the vin plate on this car says 1960kg 1- 1050 kg 2- 0960 kg the wheels say max 570kg on the inside of the rim. Im right in thinking 1 means front axle weight and 2 means rear...
  2. cam87

    S3 P0045 boost sensor bank 1 ?

    had the light come on last night in the car and when i restarted it, it never came back on until this afternoon. I had it read with VCDS and it said P0045 boost sensor bank 1 open circuit Anyone had this fault? i pressume its a case of just changing the sensor at the dealers? thanks
  3. cam87

    722H turbo blown

    i have just been reading this link - looks like the 4th revision is not bullet proof either
  4. cam87

    H&R/ Eibach springs on S3?

    I know a few people have had these springs fitted and i have seen pics via google etc but i couldn't find anything to suggest the handling was improved over standard. I know the ride is unsettled when pressing on down bumpy country lanes etc but i was thinking of fitting one of the above springs...
  5. cam87

    s tronic throttle response adjustment?

    Just wondered if it was possible to adjust the settings with vcds to make the throttle abit more responsive, like the same the dtuk pedal box does? Thanks
  6. cam87

    ECU counter 1/1

    just a quick question has anyone checked the ecu counter via vagcom/vcds just out of curiosity? I got this - Friday,05,June,2015,23:05:36:35054 VCDS Version: Release 14.10.2 (x64) Address 19: CAN Gateway Flash Status Programming Attempts(application): 1/1 Successful...
  7. cam87

    quick s-tronic question

    when you are in drive(D) and you floor the accelerator past the kick down switch is the car supposed to change to sport(S) or does it stay in drive but just drop down. Is sport only engaged when selected through driving modes or knocking the gearstick backwards? Mine stays in drive but I could...
  8. cam87

    Q5 P2002 - particulate trap bank 1 - DTC help

    hi guys, I helped a mate with his 2.0 tdi Q5 tonight as he had error code - P2002 - particulate trap bank 1 - efficiency bellow threshold just as a bit of background info he had the glow plugs replaced last week, so not sure if any sensors are around them that could cause it, wouldn't have...
  9. cam87

    ET35 OR 45?

    Hi, im looking at some aftermarket wheels for my S3 and from what I understand the et45 would be a better option and wouldn't require lowering or spacers to look ok? Can anyone advise please?
  10. cam87

    oil extractor?

    hi guys i know the best ways alot of the time are the best but due to personal circumstances its alot easier for me to use an oil extractor to change the oil between services on my s3. Does anyone know if you can go through the dipstick straight to the sump? is there a baffle at all or...
  11. cam87

    Remapped S3 Mileages?

    I'm not trying to start a discussion about different tuners etc as we already have them. I am thinking about getting a tuning box and wanted to know from owners with tuned cars how long you have had the map/box on for and how many miles you have done so far and any issues if any? I would be...
  12. cam87

    detailing help please :(

    Ok so I have used some snow foam on my car using my karcher and the crappy bottle that comes with the jet washer. I think I have used too high of a concentration and it has stripped the top coating of the rubber seals around all the windows (3 door) they still look pretty normal except that you...
  13. cam87

    photoshop request please?

    Hi guys, Could someone please photo shop gloss black wheels onto my s3 (please excuse the setting, only pic) One of my wheels is curbed and Audi want £650 for a wheel and I have been told that to repair will take 3 days. People have said when it is repaired it isn't quite the same and I am...
  14. cam87

    USB cable issue

    Hi guys, I picked up my S3 a couple of weeks ago and pretty much since the beginning the AMI sometimes things the USB is not present and I have to pull the USB out and put it back in again and all is back to normal for about 5 days. I didn't haver any problems with the USB in my 8P and its only...
  15. cam87

    cat back and warranty

    Hi guys, thinking of getting a milltek cat back only and just wanted to know if anyone had an idea if there would be any warranty issues? I know with it being a cat back system its just the exhaust gas flowing through but with back pressure etc would they have grounds to reject anything? Thanks
  16. cam87

    what did you get free when you picked up your a3/s3 ?

    i should be picking my s3 up hopefully this week or the start of next week. what did you get/ push for when you picked the car up? i think this question may have been asked but i cant seem to find it through search. thanks
  17. cam87

    S3 build time?

    Hi, my S3 is due to be built this week and I just wondered how long it takes to build one? I have heard it can take up to 5 weeks but just wanted to know of owners who tracked it all the way through how long it took? thanks :)
  18. cam87

    S3 vs Golf R wheel alignment/handling

    I have read different reviews on both these cars and as we know they favour the gold like they always have done. I started thinking how much of an impact wheel alignment would make to the s3 in order to give it a bit of what the Golf R has? I can only assume since the Audi is more for grown ups...
  19. cam87

    revo S3 stage 2

    Revo have released stage 2 for the new s3 and I assume this is the limit of what you can get on the new engine without a turbo upgrade. Alot of money for parts over stage 1 though for the gains in my opinion...
  20. cam87

    8v extra security?

    Ive been looking through the forum plus other sites and just wondered if anyone had added extra security to their car? I know that the advanced key poses a security risk and I haven't ordered that so that one less worry. I also have a disklok which Ive used on my last 4 cars and will take out...