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  1. Maz

    Ignition barrel/housing failure

    Sounds like you need to change the ignition lock housing. Part number 4B0905851B. About £90 new or you can risk a second hand one. Same thing happened to me a few years ago so I know it's a little tricky to replace but doable. The housing is held with two bolts that can only be removed...
  2. Maz


    Think I'm about ready to buy another set as its easy to wear down the area under the brake pedal... Any chance of a group buy for these if there's enough of us wanting a set??
  3. Maz

    What have you done today?

    Replaced the original fuel pump at 149k miles. Fairly straightforward DIY job thanks to the available guides. VDO 4.0 bar fuel feed unit: Part number 228-233-005-009Z. Audi wanted close to £380 but the part I picked up from AUTODOC was £220. Worth replacing if you have high miles as the...
  4. Maz

    Alternator or Battery

    No worries. It's easy enough to change but very tight in there... Lots of guides available to help. The hardest part was lifting the damn thing out of the bay.
  5. Maz

    Alternator or Battery

    I went down the route of trying to replace the regulator first a few weeks ago when I had a similar issue but that didn't solve the problem. Had to buy a new alternator but still have the nearly new (tried once) Bosch Regulator if you're interested.
  6. Maz

    Post pics of your A3/S3

  7. Maz

    Steering Calibration - anyone available in NI?

    Hi there, can anyone possibly help recalibrate the steering on my S3. I have the instructions as to what needs to be done but not the software to do it I recently changed the ignition barrel and managed to pop the clock spring/airbag ribbon out. Put everything back together but I now have...
  8. Maz

    new headlight group buy

    Managed to fit mine over the weekend although my passenger side one needs adjusting for sure. The light output is immense and the new headlights give the front end a new lease of life and well worth the upgrade!
  9. Maz

    new headlight group buy

    For those of you that have already fitted them, keep the pic's coming :icon thumright:. I wont be able to fit mine until next weekend.
  10. Maz

    new headlight group buy

    Let there be light, payment has been sent. :)
  11. Maz

    new headlight group buy

    PM Sent.
  12. Maz

    new headlight group buy

    Morning all, hope you had a good xmas! 1. Warren9022 2. Chromag 3. Hyrdo s3 4. Maz
  13. Maz

    new headlight group buy

    Missed out on the previous GB's but this time I'm all in! 1. Hydro s3 2. warren9022 3. Chromag 4.Neso s3 (AUS) 5. Basil brush 6. Maz
  14. Maz

    alternator dead...?

    Hi, I replaced mine at the weekend. Picked one up from Euro Car Parts for £115 (exchange). They have two Bosch versions on the website and the one recommended for an AMK engine was slightly cheaper. Scrap yard had one for £50 with a months warranty but if you buy from ECP you'll get a...
  15. Maz

    Best tyres people have found

    Michelin Pilot SuperSports!!! Had these for a couple of months now and they are by far the best in terms of improving grip, cornering, acceleration and control, I could go on. They are just immense!! My only concern is how long they last as they're not cheap.
  16. Maz

    S3 8L Engine Cover / Battery Cover/ Coolant Cover - Bolts

    Hi Dave, Looing to replace the bolts for the plastic covers in my engine bay. Can you let me know price including delivery. Thanks
  17. Maz

    Oil on Ignition Coil

    Do you think it is wise to replace the plugs as well?
  18. Maz

    Oil on Ignition Coil

    Thanks bud, I'll get on the phone to TPS tomorrow. One small job, turns in to another and another...
  19. Maz

    Oil on Ignition Coil

    Hi all, decided to do the N249 bypass today which I managed with ease thanks to the various guides on the forum. Also managed to replace some perished hoses with some Forge items which was nice m easy. Coil packs were also going to be replaced with some red top versions but I noticed a...