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    Front brake disc weight and performance

    Say… What’s your view on the above for PFL..??
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    Facelift Dent Removal Recommendations

    Hi there I only have heard of a few places, & I have no affiliation with any of these companies. 1. Dent Devils they are a franchise and are national. 2.Sleek Lines ( independent) Lightwater area of Junction 3 on the M3. 3. Harvi ( independent) Welling Kent and apparently does mobile work...
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    Space saver wheel.

    When I looked into this some time ago I couldn’t find any space saver wheel that would clear the front brake calliper. I appreciate it’s only for emergency/ short duration..... But does state in handbook about having same size tyres and tread pattern for the Haldex system to function correctly...
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    Facelift Servicing & Additional Work Schedule

    Kinda strange there is no mention of changing the S-Tronic filter on the RS3 (not the internal one) but the accessible filter on top of the gearbox part no: 0BH 325 173B..?
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    Red vents grey stitching

    Similar to this
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    Red stitching?????

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    2015 RS3 Rear Camera retrofit - Whats involved

    Hmmm..... From what I understand there is 2 cameras available PFL & FL.. Although as I said you could use the Facelift camera but... It has different connections as there is no control module as it’s built into the camera.. I purchased PFL Camera 8V0 827 566 paid £130 2 years ago.. If you...
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    2015 RS3 Rear Camera retrofit - Whats involved

    Sorry in answer to your question, the camera control module holder is situated on drivers side in the boot area. Kinda behind the rear light.
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    2015 RS3 Rear Camera retrofit - Whats involved

    Hi Nickyc Yes I used the holder as per factory fitment, as it goes I have a spare holder which you are welcome to have for free if you so wish..? I can give you all the part numbers I used if you want also. Be aware there are 2 types of cameras PFL & FL versions. You can use the face lift...
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    2015 RS3 Rear Camera retrofit - Whats involved

    Hi Nickyc This is what the rear view camera looks like in my PFL 2016 & other image shows what’s involved..
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    Haldex Oil Change

    Yeah for sure Hussy is correct local dealership to me wouldn’t clean the filter also. My solution was to buy a new pump & get them to fit it when you need a Haldex service.
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    Rear Diff Oil Change.?

    Hey Sean Many thanks for your reply, after some further research the part number I wrongly quoted was for the R32.. From what I found, is it case of simply fill up via the higher filler point ,& when the oil level is above this and starts dribbling out. Then that’s it..?? Would 1 bottle be...
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    Rear Diff Oil Change.?

    Appreciate anyone’s help/input concerning the above really..? Whilst not due, ( PFL 2016) have heard if you’re keeping the car long term. It’s been suggested a rear diff oil change, as there has been some stories of diff failures due to oil going waxy..? So trying a preventative measure. Is...
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    312mm drilled or grooved brake discs - picture request

    Yes correct... The price per caliper is £579+ vat each if you’re interested.?
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    312mm drilled or grooved brake discs - picture request

    The Rs 8V Calipers in your photo are 8 pot. The RS calipers on the 8P as you rightly state are 4 pot.
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    PFL Design pack mats

    No I didn’t stick rear badge on them..
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    PFL Design pack mats

    Say... I made these..?