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  1. Andy_S3

    Interior door handle, pull twice to open when locked - not working?!

    Sorry Pete but I did this myself Via Vagcom. If you can sweet talk someone in your area to letting you borrow vagcom, I can tell you how to turn the auto-lock off :icon_thumright:
  2. Andy_S3

    Forge Split-R DV

    ****** hell man - the discs are brand new! lol. One thing that did need doing that I didn't get round to was to bleed the brakes. Missing her like crazy. I just dont want to leave the house as it means driving that Peugeot (Its a bit like the White Beetle on Top Gear when they cross the desert...
  3. Andy_S3

    Forge Split-R DV

    I think so but that could just be the Placebo effect. The biggest reason to get one over an OEM item is its more reliable, especially after the cars remapped.
  4. Andy_S3

    Forge Split-R DV

    Hey Pete, IIRC I had it set to about 20 clicks clockwise, but I reckon you could sell the Split-R on ebay for the price of a new 007p as these are cheaper. I had a 007p on my 1.8T Quattro and TBH if I could turn the clocks back I would have just got the 007p for the S3 as I never really noticed...
  5. Andy_S3

    Another one flies the nest...

    The car now belongs to Pete aka OllieH and he has some good plans for her, so at least its gone to a good home. Ive been in a really crap mood all day though as I now have to make do with my 11 year old 106 diesel for the time being. Doesnt even have a CD player :( Quite a step down lol.
  6. Andy_S3

    Another one flies the nest...

    Weirdly Hodge my replacement will likely be a VW Bora! Im not copying you honest! It'll just be a standard TDI - not quite as nice as the S3 Jase!
  7. Andy_S3

    Another one flies the nest...

    Hi all. I watched my S3 leave the driveway this morning for the last time. Absolutely gutted but needs must. :sorry:The good news is it's gone to a fellow enthusiast on this forum whom Im sure will be on here at some point to post pictures of his new pride & Joy. (He's got a hell of a drive from...
  8. Andy_S3

    More snow....

    Teesside this morning
  9. Andy_S3


    Agree with Unkle on this one, although the more natural white ones you see on the odd A4/A5 dont look so chavtastic.
  10. Andy_S3

    Truck v Bridge

    Shows how often that driver checks his mirrors!!!
  11. Andy_S3

    NE Meet - Teesside Park, 27/01/10 @ 8pm

    I wish. Ill be keeping my trusty old 106 Diesel. Dont worry, Ill be back on here sooner or later. Ive already been looking at trading the 106 in for a VW Bora TDI, just as a compromise between the two.
  12. Andy_S3

    Did anyone ever use the Free MOT from Audi?

    Had mine a couple of weeks ago. Flew through with no problems. I can imagine they'll sting you though if it does fail!
  13. Andy_S3

    Best Exhaust System

    Best off asking in the 8L section mate
  14. Andy_S3

    NE Meet - Teesside Park, 27/01/10 @ 8pm

    Sorry matey, but it looks like the Audi could be going by the end of the week :( its having an AA inspection in the morning and if all is well it will be gone by Sunday. Ive never been so depressed lol
  15. Andy_S3

    NE Meet - Teesside Park, 27/01/10 @ 8pm

    Well this has fell on its **** aint it?! lol Oh well :(
  16. Andy_S3

    NE Meet - Teesside Park, 27/01/10 @ 8pm

    1. jb0o 2. Andy (wont know for definite until Tue afternoon)
  17. Andy_S3

    Which ARB's should i get or what do you have (POLL)

    Neuspeed 22/19 on mine mate!
  18. Andy_S3

    Head unit!

    I heard the ripspeed HUs were basically Pioneer units? Could be a load of tosh though! :think:
  19. Andy_S3

    Do dreams freak you out?

    I think I might not turn up to our north east meet after all matey! lol
  20. Andy_S3

    Intro and Respects